Western FGCs or Fighting Game Communities are groups of individuals who organize and orchestrate low level tournaments and events across various different fighting games, but more often than not these groups, specifically in western countries tend to be inhabited by deranged individuals, sex pests and child molesters.

Such as former EVO CEO, Joey Cuellar, otherwise known as “Mr. Wizard” was a prominent figure in the fighting game community, and the co-founder of the “Evolution Championship Series” known as EVO. In July 2020 allegations involving Joey Cuellar were made against him involving underaged minors.

Multiple individuals came forward with accusations, detailing instances of inappropriate behavior made towards them by Cuellar, with Joey allegedly grooming them. These allegations led to Cuellar’s immediate removal from his position at Evo, and the fighting game community severed ties with him resulting in the cancelation of EVO 2020.

Most FGCs are usually a tight-knit bunch of people who’ve come together on places such as Discord to “share their passion” and engage with their own small community, competing in organized events for fun and honor.

Unless you happen to be a fan of Smash Bros. in which case you’re probably an actual pedophile.

FGCs often enough try so very hard to towards the “wider audience” of deluded, deranged and disturbed individuals, those who seemingly get off on hating heterosexuals, femininity and depictions of attractive female characters which are of course “problematic”.

Of course they’ll harbor actual sex pests and pedophiles but god forbid if you like your women with a nice face and a visible pair of tits clearly you’re the problem, these demented spawns of Twitter that plague fighting game communities most especially hate depictions of small females or “lolicon” if you would.

This all started over a year ago in fact, the fighting game community known as Climax of Night, who host tournaments and events catering to fans of Melty Blood banned an individual known as “Lunar” due to false allegations made against him, or rather a lynch mob was orchestrated on Twitter proclaiming him to be a pedophile for being a lolicon.

Melty Blood is a popular fighting game series spawned from Type-Moon’s Tsukihime series, and of course it essentially being a Japanese “anime” property, enough people as is already despise the series for being “pedophilic” filth, of which the series features a wide range small petite female characters.

Lunar shared a meme that celebrates loli characters in fighting games.

The meme includes images of various characters like White Len from Melty Blood, Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Hisoutensoku, Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! via Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition, Saya from Saya no Uta via Nitro Blasterz Heroines, Cagliostro from Granblue Fantasy Versus, Enchantress from Dungeon Fighter Online, Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue, and the Dead Apostle version of Noel from Tsukihime via Melty Blood.

The meme humorously states, “Shout out to haughty lolis in fighting games, gotta be one of my favorite genders.” Lunar, in light of recent events, expresses their continued appreciation for this character archetype.

This obviously sparked fire and fury amongst the deranged troglodytes who inhabit Twitter, a social lynch mob was against Lunar by countless individuals proclaiming him to be a pedophile and “child porn addict”.

Completely sane responses from individuals who have a disagree in tastes and preferences when it comes to fictional material, more often than not those proclaiming Lunar to be a pedophile fall into the gay / trans community as well, yet again bastardizing gay people as being deranged mentalists, inciting violence against others for having a different opinion.

Following the mounting accusations and complaints, the management of Climax of Night took notice. On June 18th 2022, they made the decision to impose an indefinite ban on Lunar, prohibiting their participation in any future events organized by the company.

“This event was built on community and being able to express ourselves through the one outlet we all have in common: fighting games,”

“It is not a place where glorifying minors or harassment should exist amongst other things we shouldn’t have to speak on.”

What a fucking joke.

The candid response and actions of Climax were fucking hysterical to say the least, because in the vain of “inclusivity” and to fight against harassment they instead indefinitely banned an individual who received verbal harassment from outsiders simply based upon his preferences of playing as petite “loli” characters, of which several are featured in Melty Blood, you know, the game they themselves cater towards.

How dare you play as a loli character in my fighting game that contains loli characters, get out of my community now you vile fiend.

It’s out being able to express ourselves freely, which is why we banned a guy who was being slandered as a pedophile by deranged nutcases, thanks Climax, very cool.

Deluded nutcases who cannot decipher between fiction and reality, they hate portrayals of women, they hate the fact that heterosexuals like beautiful and feminine women, anime as a whole, especially petite depictions of children (lolis) that they despise the most simply because in their own eyes a loli character is sexual.

The FGC is utter cancer, western FGCs have been ruining the whole genre for fans of fighting games with barbaric and two faced “inclusive values” for years now. Virtue signaling troglodytes who get up in arms over scantily clad depictions of women and more than likely will go down in flames for true crimes against children, as the FGC is notorious for.

Anyways, this all happened over a year ago so why is it relevant now? Well it has happened again, well twice again technically.

First and foremost Lunar himself proclaimed that the Training Mode Network FGC has discriminatory practices and standards when it comes to players and individuals under their fold, with the FGC having banned an individual for simply having images depicting petite / lolicon characters in their twitter likes feed.

Lunar themselves was previously banned from the Training Mode Network, however another individual who hasn’t had their name sullied in the sunlight quite like Lunar were seemingly were banned for having lolicon characters in their Twitter likes.

Fatherless behavior aside, FGC moderators are personally interjecting their own ideologies and banning individuals for personal differences in a fighting game community that hosts public events, individuals are seemingly banned without warning by the actual taste police.

Now imagine if people were being banned from FGCs and public events simply because the moderators of said group didn’t like the fact that you were homosexual, Do you like “traps”? well your preferences and tastes differ from mine so if you happen to indulge in the numerous androgynous characters featured in fighting games such as Bridget from Guilty Gear or Poison from Street Fighter, I’m banning you.

If the roles were reversed it would be bound to make media attention.

I’m sure you would buddy, I’m sure you would.

So, Training Mode Network being complete and utter douchebags aside, yet another western fighting game community have decided to openly ban Lunar for being a lolicon.

The tournament organizers issued an announcement, stating that Lunar has been banned from the event. The ban was attributed to Lunar’s supposed “online conduct,” which was claimed to promote hostility and discomfort.

I hate Sonic Fox’s arrogant political attitude, but do you expect FGCs are going to ban him left and right if (mostly) false accusations were made against him sexually abusing animals? Probably not because then they’d be racist.

Because it’s all about safety, pandering towards outsiders instead of players simply because the player themselves seemingly has a large audience of haters and those who hold personal grudges over the fact that the guy likes small fictious women.

Bigotry is one thing but Lunar simply defended himself against the countless false accusations made against him, slandering him as being some sort of pedophile over his preferences in fictional characters.

But of course you’re not allowed to defend yourself in this day and age, Lunar is clearly the instigator for having a large group of deranged mentalists verbally threaten and slander his name and reputation.

FGCs harbor actual pedophiles and groomers, they cater towards these socialist freaks and nutjobs, all under the pretense of providing a “welcoming environment for all’, they’re against “hatred” which is why they stand with hatred by banning “problematic” people who have stepped not a single foot wrong, all because crazed bastards have it out for them.

At least on the brighter side of things the actual majority are showcasing their support for Lunar by simply laughing at the heinous hatred enabling antics of Quickdraw Brawl in the replies.

FGCs continue to be hypocritical cunts.