I sure do hope you have enough braincells to detect sarcasm in text because the title is obviously a contradiction.

Nevertheless, Elon Musk, the world’s most popular or most despised conman depending on who you ask seemingly cannot help but tarnish Twitter (now known as X) through means of excessive monetization by means of paid Twitter Verified subscriptions is now looking to fulfill his promises of allowing true freedom of speech / expression on the Twitter platform.

By invoking an ID verification process.

While not enforced at the moment it’s only an inevitability before ID verification makes its way onto the world’s worst social media platform, with users being forced to fess up government issued identification to verify accounts to Israeli company AU10TIX and most likely result in the crack down on alternate accounts and report offenders to local authorities.

Elon Musk was hailed as the savior of freedom of speech upon his purchase of Twitter, but given his checkered history of lies, deception and broken promises it was almost a certainty that the “legend” himself would eventually cross a line that would cement the demise of his worst business purchase.

But for some odd reason, this self centered billionaire is hailed as being “just like us” despite the fact that he thinks us to be imbeciles, he usurp ownership of the Tesla automotive corporation, siphoning government grant after grant to pioneer overpriced electric vehicles produced in the United States of America that either fall apart or spontaneously combust.

Because he posts memes on the internet which makes him relatable, because everyone else in the world rightfully hates billionaire moguls like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and more but Elon is an oddity because he’s “totes relatable” and “down to earth”, he posts memes on the internet and advocates for freedom of speech in a time where the common man is being silenced and prosecuted.

Except the reality is that Elon Musk is exactly the same sort of person as all the others, he has turned Twitter into a legitimate business, ushering in paid subscriptions in a futile effort to turn a profit over for the world’s largest corrupted influential hivemind disguised as a social media platform, and soon he wishes to enact his CCP style fantasies in the form of “X” the “everything app”.

Digital payments, social media, distribution of photos and videos, all under the same banner, all collectively tied to the individual through rigorous identification requirements, malicious users will be reported to local authorities because there’s no hiding behind a mandatory ID paywall, your personal information is simply Elon’s to collect and use as he sees fit.

That’s not freedom of expression, that’s communism.

While it may be entirely contrived of communism, Elon Musk will still be demonized by crazed Liberal rejects as being “literally Hitler” as they continue to use the Twitter / X platform despite it being an alleged “far-right” outlet, with mandatory ID requirements, Karens all over the world should be praising Elon for this accomplishment because this is exactly what Liberals want.

In all honesty if Elon decided to impose mandatory identification restrictions on X / Twitter accounts I can genuinely see it as being the driven force behind tens of millions of users abandoning the platform altogether in favor of an alternative social media hub, something akin to the likes of GAB or Mastodon, nobody wants totalitarian bullshit like this.

Be a good citizen and hand over your government identification to the friendly company or risk losing social credits and standing.