Metal Slug is back in a loose sense, with Kohachi Studio having announced “Black Finger JET”, a Metal Slug inspired 2D / 3D run-and-gun side-scrolling shooter.

Metal Slug, developed by Nazca / SNK, is a well-known run-and-gun video game series. With its initial release in 1996 sparking the beginning of a dedicated fan base that continued to grow with continual releases.

Metal Slug offers players thrilling, side-scrolling high-speed action with a unique pixelated art style that pays homage to the classic arcade era. Equipped with an array of weapons, players navigate various levels, engaging in intense explosive battles, avoiding obstacles, and liberating hostages.

Black Finger JET is a true to form inspirational game and not a flimsy over ambitious project in the vain of a long lost franchise, with Kohachi Studio being staffed by some individuals formally of Irem/Nazca/SNK, such as Kuichin who previously did the sprite work for fan favorites Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X as well as Metal Slug 3 alongside Shinichi Hamada, a former programmer.

A single glance at the recently release Alpha trailer for Black Finger JET is all that you’ll need to truly see the resemblance to Metal Slug.

It’s incredible to witness the return of these former Irem/Nazca/SNK individuals after such a long time. Although Kohachi Studio doesn’t field the entire team from Metal Slug’s golden era, their creativity and skill in animation remains as strong as ever.

The explosive side-scrolling nature with beautiful 2D pixel artwork meshing with the 3D foreground which isn’t too shabby either given how the implementation of 3D isn’t used out of developer laziness, but rather to create a more immersive 3D effect adding depth.

Additionally, in the preview, we caught a glimpse of Player 2, who appears to be a charming red-haired girl with a braided ponytail.

Just from this short “Alpha Version” Trailer alone already has me hyped, Kohachi Studio’s “Black Finger JET” is basically Metal Slug but reskinned, not that I have any issues with that. I rarely ever do get excited with modern games given how majority of which are certified slop made by ESG fanatical feminists.

But with Black Finger JET I’m going to make an exception, while there’s no release date set in stone at the moment, for now all there is for Black Finger JET is a Steam page but rest assured it’s probably certain that Kohachi Studio will be looking to release Black Finger JET across all major platforms when a proper release date is revealed.