MSI is gearing up to launch “The Limited Series” as apart of their GPU lineup, set to debut in various drops starting next week. The first card to be featured within this exclusive lineup is the GeForce RTX 4060 NV Edition.

Targeting that very special kind of idiot, “The Limited Series” is a set of limited run graphics cards that are said to be produced only once, so that obviously means they will feature intricate shroud designs not unlike any other aftermarket GPU that MSI currently produces at this moment.

Because computer hardware and components aren’t tools, more rather they are now fashion statements and toys to gawk at, despite the fact that majority of consumers can’t even see their own GPU’s shroud design.

And for whatever goddamn reason MSI had the bright idea of pushing an RTX 4060 as its first Limited Series release, with the NV Edition obviously being short for NVIDIA, with a unique green exterior and flashy white lighting effects.

Or rather, it’s not exactly unique, considering it’s merely the very same Gaming X design that MSI already have available albeit they painted it green, goes to show just how much MSI gives a fuck about you, the consumer, dumb enough to buy a speckled RTX 4060 8GB Gaming X painted in NVIDIA’s iconic green color scheme.

The Limited Series is clearly an investment, just like how NVIDIA themselves shoveled out gimmicked trash in the forms of the GTX Titan Xp Star Wars themed collectors edition, sold to moronic fanboys who call themselves “enthusiasts”.

Speaking of the Titan Xp Star Wars collection, the most gullible of idiots could’ve purchased one of those for the low price of $1200 back in 2017, but being such an exclusive product and an extremely limited collection of one of the world’s most famous brands, surely people must’ve at least made a profit hoarding these graphics cards for sale some six odd years later… right?


And who could forget about the custom Cyberpunk 2077 themed RTX 2080 Ti sweepstakes to honor the world’s most glorified benchmark?

Again it has to be said, there’s hardly anything exclusive about being able to purchase a 1/6000 “limited edition” low end graphics cards that MSI have just gone and painted green, is this some sort of fucking PR ploy to beg for increased chip distribution for the RTX 5000 series or are MSI just that out of touch with consumers here.

Maybe that’s why MSI are now painting their GPUs green and calling them the NVIDIA edition, perhaps too many of the bloody things have been stuck on store shelves collecting dust for so long that MSI thought this would be a great plan to spark some easy sales?

I don’t know who at MSI are calling the shots here but whomever it was that came up with “The Limited Series” should be stoned.

If you want to save yourself the time and effort you could always go and get a can of spray paint mixed up to match NVIDIA’s iconic color scheme and paint your own graphics card, then you can mount it horizontally inside your PC case and never have to look at it again.

Because you’d have to have fewer braincells than VRAM to actually consider buying the RTX 4060 full stop, the worst pile of shit in the RTX 4000 series family has zero actual incentive to purchase for $299+ considering its gaming performance is comparable to that of the equally garbage $270 RX 7600.

In some rare instances the RTX 4060, being that it’s based on an even smaller and inferior X107 core, is actually slower or offers performance parity with the previous generation RTX 3060. Again, in very rare instances but this should never be the fucking case here, there’s zero excuse for this.

Unless of course you’re completely hopeless and think your allegedly “budget” graphics card equipped with only 8GB of slow GDDR6 memory cuckolded by its 128-bit memory bus is somehow, someway a capable graphics card to enable Ray Tracing which it obviously isn’t. Despite being akin to putting a turbocharger on a goddamn lawnmower you can then enjoy a slightly less shit slideshow experience on GeForce compared to Radeon.

Or you could just use your fucking head and buy an equally priced RX 6700 XT which leaves both of the turds above in the dust.