Free to play, most likely total trash riddled with “gacha” mechanics but we’ll see.

How exactly does one start off the mentioning of yet another free-to-play focused “anime” styled game without of course mentioning the pioneer of Chinese wallet siphoning, Genshin Impact.

Developed by MiHoYo, Genshin Impact was an immense breath of fresh air in an otherwise decaying video game market, an open world RPG title with a near endless supply of “anime” designed characters to play as? It took the world by storm with MiHoYo printing billions from its predatory gacha microtransaction mechanics but nevertheless the game has been lucratively successful so now everyone else wants a slice of the pie.

While MiHoYo continue to expand upon Genshin Impact they’ve also got two more additional gacha riddled titles to milk customer funds, those being Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero, which also had a trailer drop during this years gamescom event.

“Coom”sumers love the opportunity to shell out their savings to pull for their favorite “waifu” or “husbando” in these free-to-play “anime”-esk video games, and while the “Hoyoverse” expands competition from other Chinese conglomerates heat up in a bid to capture some of Genshin’s lightning in a bottle.

Developed by “Naked Rain” which is a subsidiary of ThunderFire….. which is yet another subsidiary of Chinese telecom giant, NetEase comes Project Mugen.

Very few snippets of actual gameplay footage is shown during its reveal trailer, but primarily this F2P title is set in a massive open world of a futuristic city with various opens for traversing your environment, such as driving vehicles, wall riding or swinging atop high rise buildings with a grappling hook like mechanic, similarly to the Just Cause franchise.

And of course there’s bound to be lots of hidden secrets and other things discoverable if you’re one to take your time taking in the sights and sounds of the overworld, traverse on foot, visit one of the many train stations in the city,

Combat also varied greatly depending on the character played, melee, firing weapons, even psychokinetic abilities, pick up and drop a whole fucking car on your foes, all can be done in Project Mugen.

I do have a bit of a soft spot for Genshin Impact, I am deeply opposed to any prolific form of microtransaction, if the game weren’t so focused on the constant grinding of meta artifact / gear sets, the abolishment of farming “primogems” for character pulls, a slightly smaller overworld allowing for more actual scripted missions it would probably be one of the greatest games in modern times but atlas, it’s just another F2P game used to peddle good looking women towards a certain audience.

Project Mugen on the other hand does actually appeal to me, and maybe MiHoYo’s “ZZZ” but until the game does eventually release of which Project Mugen will apparently be dropping on mobile (of fucking course), Sony’s PlayStation 5 and 4 which is a surprise and obviously on PC.

Pre registration for Project Mugen is available right now but I’ll be doing jack shit until the game is launched and see the actual gameplay and predatory nature for myself when the game goes live sometime in the near future.