It’s a beautiful thing to see so many people come together for a commendable cause.

And what cause has seemingly unified over 86,000 individuals? Well, none other than to throw up a massive middle finger in the faces of Activision Blizzard and the failure that is Overwatch 2.

First and foremost a little backstory, Activision Blizzard is possibly one of those video game corporations that seemingly everyone loves to hate, for good reason, they are a disgusting cretin of a company that honestly deserves to go up in flames. But of course they seemingly are still capable of printing money through predatory microtransactions found within their cash cow IPs such as Diablo and Call of Duty.

Overwatch however has seemingly been abandoned, with Overwatch 2 being announced to contain PVE (Player Versus Environment) story elements only for that to be scrapped, combine that with a game that’s 99 percent identical to its predecessor in terms of graphics, UI and core gameplay mechanics, the only difference between the two are the inclusion of new characters and the content lockage of characters from the original.

So the game is basically a glorified DLC package then, which is why the game launched as free to play except for the fact that Activision Blizzard decided to emulate the CCP by courting players into fessing up their phone number.

The game is practically dead, the franchise has long since been abandoned, only used by Activision Blizzard to circumvent continual bad reception by announcing another character within Overwatch to be either gay / trans or non-binary, because that’s what actually matters.

Reports of sexual misconduct going down at Activision Blizzard HQ? Someone got caught sniffing a co-workers seat? Stealing breast milk out of the company fridge? Doesn’t matter, because Activision Blizzard have formally announced that yet another Overwatch character was secretly LGBT all along.

Nobody wants to actually come out and state the obvious, that the Overwatch franchise is only slightly relevant today is simply because of the devoted efforts of individuals creating a near endless supply of pornographic content utilizing characters from Overwatch.

And that’s not just me taking a well deserved potshot at the franchise, this is genuine fact, the series has been in decline for years, the only reason why nobody has forgotten about Overwatch as a franchise is simply because there’s thousands upon thousands of pornographic content of one of the many female characters within the game getting their cheeks clapped, a never-ending supply of smut ever since the game released back in 2016.

And let it be known those porn fanatics work harder on their smut than Blizzard developers do on their own game.

Obviously Overwatch 2 wasn’t meeting player expectations given how it was vendor locked to Activision’s own platform, which is why shockingly out of nowhere the game released on the Steam store.

Now then, I want you to imagine the situation, a company that just about everyone universally despises, Activision Blizzard, suddenly releases their failed game on the Steam store, a game that otherwise would have been monopolized to their own storefront service, and the game is free to play.

So obviously, people went out in droves, added the game to their Steam library only to then turn around and leave negative reviews of the game by the dozen.

It had only taken but a couple of days before Overwatch 2 quickly became the worst received game across the entire Steam store, with over 86,972 negative reviews left for the game in little over 48 hours.

I think this calls for a celebration and perhaps some adjustment to the term “Overwhelmingly Negative”, with only 10.48% of users leaving a positive review of the game I think such a ratio deserves its own unique badge of honor.

Obviously, majority of the negative reviews are just there to stick it towards Activision Blizzard, they are jokes, trolls or whatever you wish to call them, I call them heroes, all 86,000+ of them are valiant heroes fighting for a legitimate cause, to tell a cancerous scumbag corporation to go fuck itself.