The controversial piece of shit who considers himself a “streamer” known as ‘Johnny Somali’ is facing the possibility of deportation after being arrested in Japan for one of his latest so called “pranks” of harassing the general public of Japan.

On September 21st, Johnny Somali was apprehended by the Osaka Prefectural Police for allegedly trespassing into a construction site located in Nihonbashi, Osaka and as per usual filming his own cancerous antics.

During his time at the construction site, the streamer reportedly repeatedly shouted “Fukushima,” making reference to the significant nuclear disaster that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which is par for the course for Ismael Ramsey Khalid, his real name.

For the past couple of months this heinous bastard has been harassing the general populous of Japan on the streets and subways, playing offensive and racist content and music in public and generally painting a target on his back for Yakuza to send him straight to hell. Shame the Yakuza are now a thing of the past.

Other antics include being kicked out of a go-karting establishment for dangerous driving.

But it seems that other gaijin on the streets of Japan have finally had enough of Ismael’s bullshit, following an altercation of “Johnny Somali” harassing Twitch streamer “Meowku” on September 11th, Ismael along with one of his associate cameraman handlers were swiftly punched square in the face and knocked on the ground.

Dirty on the inside and outside, it’s no wonder that Japanese people harbor racial prejudices towards people with darkened skin, it’s entitled bastards like Johnny Somali that take ahold of that prejudice and justifies it by acting like a rabid animal that quite frankly should be put down.

This is why most migrants will always be seen as uncivilized child like creatures, no impulse control or any sense of morality, they constantly seek confrontation with innocent bystanders dragging everyone around them down along with them, but of course the western populous seemingly refuses to say or do anything about him simply because of his skin color.

To mention their outlandish actions and to judge the content of their character is considered racist.

The Japanese are a very pessimistic bunch and are overtly polite. Japan is a trust based society which explains why rabid piles of shit like Ismael to use them for their “pranks” and social exposure, constantly creating strife for natives who are afraid to fight back simply because Johnny Somali couldn’t get away with pulling similar antics in America or Europe because he genuinely fears actual retaliation.