Really bodes well for the upcoming woke abomination Grand Theft Auto 6.

Rockstar Games has been hemorrhaging personnel for a multitude of years now, ever since the 2008 release of Midnight Club: Los Angeles to be exact due to horrific working conditions among other things such as Take-Two intervention and changes to the global gaming landscape as a whole.

Each subsequent major game release under the iconic Rockstar Games banner since 2010’s Red Dead Redemption has continually spiraled into high ranking individuals leaving the Rockstar fold.

In all honesty all Rockstar Games titles following Red Read Redemption have dropped considerably in terms of actual quality and remembrance, with Grand Theft Auto V being a shallow representation of the iconic franchise with its unmemorable story mode and the hilarity of its downgrades physics model of which is so iconic with the RAGE engine, Red Dead Redemption 2 was some sort of return to form but the truth of the matter is with RDR2 is that Rockstar by this point already began to remove and scrub problematic inclusions within RDR2 to appease the woke “normie” crowd.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to leave the legacy of a bastardized franchise installment entirely focused on drip-fed microtransactional content.

In 2016, Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North, a 17 year veteran of Rockstar Games left the company, only to follow up with a lawsuit with Take-Two Interactive over unpaid royalties.

Leslie Benzies (L) and Dan Houser (R)

In 2020, Dan Houser, a co-founder of Rockstar Games also left the company, Rockstar Games is no stranger to high ranked departures over the last decade as ethics, diversity and morality has continually ensnared the company and their products, and now another large name has been added to the list.

Michael Unsworth has been with Rockstar Games for over 16 years, joining the company as a creative figurehead back in 2007 as a senior writer with his first project being the infamous Grand Theft Auto IV.

Michael would also work as a creative writer for every other Rockstar Games project since, with the man being credited as VP of Writing in Grand Theft Auto V and in Red Dead Redemption 2.

And now he has left the company at some undisclosed time this year, most likely to be replaced by a younger and more effluent individual who will surely lead Rockstar Games to greatness, considering the fact that Grand Theft Auto 6 seemingly features a female Latino as the main protagonist, you can expect GTA 6 to build upon the online only mentality spawned from GTA V which has become one of the world’s most highest grossing and sold games of all time.

Rockstar Games completely subverting the entire concept of the Grand Theft Auto franchise through the removal of being able to insult transgendered NPCs countless years after release.

Rockstar Games established themselves in the gaming world with intricate and rememberable stories inside their games, expansive open worlds full of life and mystery, their games were a massive middle finger in the eyes of political correctness, open blazing racism all around and the gamers of yesteryear didn’t bat an eye, we laughed it up and continued on playing.

But now it’s pretty clear that Rockstar has become another sensibility pandering development firm where all those who previously made the company iconic are leaving one after the other as the studio as a whole panders to globalized woke standards.

It’s basically a certainty at this point that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be the most inclusive and tame game that Rockstar have produced since their Table Tennis tech demo, with a woman of color as the main protagonist rest assured that the only racism and or sexism you’ll find will be from all the baddies you’ll kill throughout the campaign, just like in the movies!