Are you a big enough shmuck to be conned into buying the same shitty game three times over in as many years?

Well have I got some good news for you as Activision, the company well known for providing video games as stellar as their record for employee misconduct have showcased a brand new trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which isn’t to be confused with the same exact title released back in 2011.

Activision, or rather the pawns of Activision, Infinity Ward thought it would be a great idea to revolutionize the Call of Duty franchise with its biggest overhaul to date with 2019’s Modern Warfare (reboot), which launched only a couple years after Activision recycled and “remastered” the original Modern Warfare.

Or how Activision also “remastered” Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in 2020 then subsequently released Modern Warfare 2 in 2022.

It’s a retarded and confusing rabbit hole to go down, all you need to know is that the original Modern Warfare trilogy is iconic and these new “reboots” are just slop squeezed out by Activision but despite that, the rebooted renditions have managed to achieve record-breaking player counts, overshadowing the original trilogy in favor of these soulless reboot renditions filled to the brim with microtransactional content, thanks mostly to the supposed “free to play” Warzone addition.

The third installment of the reboot, Modern Warfare 3 is much like Modern Warfare 2 which released the year prior, glorified DLC packages with another lethal dosage of rehashed content that was made prior plus an all new campaign that literally nobody gives a shit about, because the only reason retards even play Call of Duty in the modern age is strictly for its online multiplayer component and nothing else.

Which is entirely plagued with adolescents which is why the only viable way to play games like Modern Warfare 1, 2, and soon 3 is by abusing the technique known as “slide canceling.”

Are you enjoying the authentic COD experience?

Call of Duty has revigorated itself into an online behemoth, evident in the overwhelming popularity of its free-to-play battle royale mode, Warzone, which attracts millions of players daily and rarely if ever drops below a couple hundred thousand concurrent players on PC even. Warzone’s immense success has eclipsed the number of players engaged in regular matchmaking, a trend that is understandable considering the traditional multiplayer component is a $70 paywall.

Modern Warfare 2 released back in October 2022 and it offered generally nothing to the table compared to the first “reboot” which launched in 2019, outside of additional maps to play inside of multiplayer, majority of which were simply copy and pasted in from 2019’s Modern Warfare but included even more microtransactions for idiots to buy.

Call of Duty is obviously suffering from an identity crisis, much like how Treyarch themselves can only seemingly garner interest from consumers by going back to the days of the original Black Ops and Black Ops 2 by re-releasing multiplayer maps that are over a decade old at this point for players to experience…. again and again and again. Fuck it, everything in the world should just be Firing Range and Nuketown.

Infinity Ward is no different, the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 is set to feature all 16 original maps featured in the original Modern Warfare 2 (2009) because recycling decade old content for newer audiences to enjoy is an obvious sign of fatigue if I’ve ever seen it.

Modern Warfare 2 in its current state features 17 “core” multiplayer maps for man-children to run and slide around for easy hits of raw dopamine, out of those 17 maps 12 of them are apparently original, however majority of these maps weren’t actually introduced until much later in the games lifespan through “seasonal” content.

However with Modern Warfare 3 Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer or whoever else have put their grubby mitts on this $70 DLC package is going above and beyond with recycling old content for nostalgia sake and to incentivize your purchase, you’d think for the third installment in the shitty reboot trilogy that they’d actually include all of the offerings from 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 but apparently not.

They’d rather milk you to the bone by giving consumers the only thing they actually care about, which for majority of middle aged men would be 2009’s iconic MW2 multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty continues to sell exceptionally well, which is why it played a crucial role in the Microsoft Activision buyout evaluation by the CMA and Sony. Evil cannot create but rather only destroy, everything Activision pushes out now is a mockery of its past triumphs.

Black Ops Cold War failed to capture the magic of 2010’s original, Sledgehammer Games shat out Call of Duty World War 2 which is a laugh in the face when compared against 2008’s World at War.

All studios under Activision’s ownership are being assigned the responsibility of transforming this series into an microtransaction machine, with each of these reboot installments inundated with microtransactions that encourage players to remain loyal and continuously spend their money.

Absolute fucking garbage such as Niki Minaj operator packs, because that’s what little shits are spending their money on. Quality be damned, Call of Duty is literally Fortnite.

Call of Duty has been heavily reliant on nostalgia and attempting to recapture the essence of its earlier successes, resulting in disappointment after disappointment, Activision now intends on bringing the past to the present as Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer mode will consist majorly of older multiplayer maps featured back in 2009.

Of which several were already brought back to be resold to dickheads in both 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot such as Rust and Scrapyard. Not even including various other maps recycled from Modern Warfare (2007) and 2011’s Modern Warfare 3.

The fleeting moment of nostalgia that Modern Warfare 3 may offer is simply not worth it. It marks a turning point in a franchise that has been spread too thin, desperately striving to remain relevant by churning out frequent releases, leaving little room for creativity and originality as it only serves as another nail in the coffin for the Call of Duty franchise for those who among us with the intelligence of being able to tie our own shoelaces.