The word of the day is “cum” apparently.

When Konami thought it would be a splendid idea to bastardize the Silent Hill franchise with a heavily monetized interactive movie that’s crossdressing as a video game, just about everyone erupted in universal hatred for Konami, “developers” Genvid Entertainment, who are backed by Bad Robot Productions and the aforementioned Silent Hill Ascension.

A daily episodic clusterfuck made by sensitive Californians featuring a worthless season pass with an endless amount of microtransactions, featuring legendary tier bread sticker emotes and loading screens.

Yes, a “legendary” unlockable loading screen.

We’ve already discussed at great length just how much of a pile of asinine bullshit Silent Hill Ascension is previously, which is why we’re currently here right now.

Thankfully users aren’t letting this shit simply fly past them without any sort of recoil, rushing en mass to share their thoughts and opinions about the shitty episodic series by bastardizing the “game” on respective app stores.

Silent Hill Ascension is a terribly written daily episodic adventure that apparently allows the viewer audience to comment as they’re watching the live premier, participate in Quick Time Events and vote on decisions that will change the outcome of the story and may possibly lead to the demise of on-screen characters.

And as expected, fans simply revolted by taking Silent Hill Ascension by the throat and mercilessly shouting profanities in the “games” chatbox. With streamers taking the opportunity to raid the chat with “Hideo Kojima’s cummy in my tummy”.

Silent Hill Ascension went live with barely any censorship on launch, throughout the first handful of days users were endlessly spamming sexual comments, specifically regarding Pyramid Head.

Genvid Entertainment had no other option but to shut down the chat entirely, only permitting emotes from being posted instead instead of allowing raw text because clearly the fine users of Silent Hill Ascension couldn’t care less about the actual “game” itself.

Though limiting the chat to emotes only hasn’t particularly stopped the influx of users from simply creating new accounts (for free) with hilarious names and racial slurs. Well done Genvid.

Overall, Silent Hill Ascension is going about as swimmingly as anticipated for Konami reviving a series after a decade long hiatus with a shitty predatory pay to win Netflix series loosely based on the Silent Hill franchise. Its failure will forever remain notorious with the only silver lining being the influx of trolls venting their frustrations through the “game’s” text chat.

From the moment Konami announced they were going to kill Silent Hill for a second time I was immensely skeptical, after this colossal failure, Konami are set to completely butcher Silent Hill some more with the upcoming release of Townfall, developed by “No Code”, a rubbish no-name studio based in Scotland that previously produced obscure titles such as Observation and Stories Untold.

And this doesn’t even include the bastardization that will inevitably be the Silent Hill 2 remake either.