Do you know what pisses me off? Having to bare witness female internet personalities seemingly get away with diabolical antics and crimes simply because they’re a major cash cow for whichever platform they’re prodominately featured on.

Feminists want empowerment for women and by the fucking gods they’ve received it in droves, there has been that many instances of female Twitch streamers seemingly get off with a slap on the wrist for things such as animal abuse and allegedly “accidental” showcases of nudity amongst their large following on what apparently calls itself an all ages platform.

Visit Twitch today and you’ll be greeted with a plethora of barely clothed women an their legion of simp followship, nude streamers who seemingly evade a ban because they’re “artists” who just so happen to be doing a spot of body painting, for children to watch.

It’s wholesome and empowering and don’t you dare think otherwise because then you’d be labeled a sexist incel.

But I digress, sex workers who resort to “camming” for income are at least honest about the shit they’re doing, and they’re bound to simply do more than say your name if you pledge large sums of your crusty dollars.

Amouranth, one of the largest cash cows on the Twitch platform has been banned a total of seven times, with her last “ban” being dished out back in July for you guessed it…. accidental fucking nudity.

What a wholesome whore, oh wait, I can’t say that word because then I become a misogynist, even though feminists loath the fact that they don’t have a physically attractive appearance as these worthless Twitch streamers.

But then again, feminists will proactively try and slander you as being sexist, misogynist or racist simply because of your preferences of fictional “anime” and yet not a goddamn peep from them about the near infinite amount of topless whores featured on “gaming” websites such as Twitch.

These “streamers” get away with murder essentially, time and time again they accidentally let a nipple slip out on camera, simply because they’re wearing barely any clothing at all, because they make Amazon a fuck load of money.

The same applies to female content creators on platforms such as YouTube who seemingly favors one woman above other content creators, SSSniperWolf.

With over 34 Million total subscribers, SSSniperWolf is one of YouTube’s largest personalities and of course she’s a woman so you can pretty much guess that they’d go to such great lengths of promoting her channel.

Such as this lovely namedrop on the official YouTube Twitter account. Now I have absolutely no clue as to what sort of content SSSniperWolf actually produces but what I can say for certain is that she certainly has the looks that would kill your average feminist and she has an immensely large following.

However its regarding her content, which faced scrutiny from the likes of Jacksfilms in his video “The WAR on stolen content” he depicts SSSniperWolf as offering lazy and uncreative reactionary videos.

So exactly like Asmongold and MoistCritical, just without the male pattern baldness or nonsensical fart jokes. I can see why she has over 34 million subscribers.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just another shmuck who recycles reactionary content over every mundane ounce of drama that happens on the internet.

Well. SSSniperWolf didn’t take it too kindly to being called a talentless hack who piggybacks off the content of others for universal fame and glory, so she did the most sensible thing as to personally threaten Jacksfilms and dox his real life home across a series of Instagram stories that she has since deleted.

The series of Instagram stories starts with the notion of “should I go to visit Jacksfilms” before posting another story outside of his residence with the caption “let’s talk like adults” of course with the camera facing his house.

This obviously resulted in a shouting match between the innocent woman and Jacksfilms himself who proclaimed that SSSniperWolf had in fact doxed and threatened him in her deleted Instagram posts, before protesting that she be demonetized and deplatformed due to the severity of the crimes committed.

Though in typical fashion SSSniperWolf not only claimed to be the victim but hilariously proclaims that she “doesn’t know how to dox” and therefore is immunized against all accusations, though I imagine if the roles were reversed and a mentally deranged man of high social infamy was making Instagram stories outside of SSSniperWolf’s house with the caption of “let’s talk like adults” I’d imagine that Jacksfilms would be deplatformed and possibly have a police report filed against him.

Hell, I’m probably getting doxed now because I said the word whore up above in relation to Twitch streamers, oh shit I just said it again.

A large number of other manufactured e-celebrities and YouTubers are siding with Jacksfilms regarding the whole ordeal, SSSniperWolf given that she’s an infamous personality on YouTube whose reactionary content is obviously of great financial importance to YouTube themselves so naturally they’ve refused to speak out on the whole situation or remove SSSniperWolf from the platform.

I doubt she would have committed social suicide with her antics, I genuinly doubt her subscribers actually have enough braincells to understand the severity of the crime committed by SSSniperWolf and honestly who even really cares if tens or a hundred thousand of your followings unsubscribe when she has over 34 million to begin with anyway.

YouTube won’t intervene, her garbage videos seemingly generate over a million views each, she’s a profitable personality to have on the platform and therefore will be absolved of any crime or wrongdoing because women really do get away with everything so long as they’re famous enough.