Street Fighter 6 is by no means a good game, given that it’s another product spawned during the “current year” it’s just another unceremonious bastardization of a long lived franchise that was developed for front fringes and woke puritans who hold distain against femininity deeming such designs to be “sexist”.

Jiggle physics are the work of Satan, female characters now need to be completely clothed, any measurable amount of skin shown is simply horrifically misogynistic and for god sake make sure that cleavages are at an absolute minimum.

But of course it’s totally okay to overly sexualize male characters by disrobing them and giving them big meaty pecks and abs, because of course that would be tolerable in “current year”, Capcom are competent enough to know what sort of customer butters their bread.

Combine the de-feminization alongside the inclusion of identity politics and you’ve got yourself the latest installment of Street Fighter.

Oh, and who could forget the fact that Street Fighter 6 is inline with other live service games, pushing outrageous microtransactions down peoples throats such as their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover content.

Regardless of all of this, the Street Fighter franchise remains ever so popular with SF6 being no different, though this is essentially down to the fact that just about every franchise when it comes to video games is at their height in popularity and sales simply because of the fact that new age puritans and journalists have come into the gaming scene in droves, infecting our once niche hobby and holding it hostage.

Beneath the hideous exterior lies a fun arcade fighter within and naturally its fanbase would devote time and energy into producing in-game modifications to enhance the experience through altered costume designs, facial reconstructions making the allegedly female character designs slightly more feminine, such as the Kimberly facial mod of which liberal cultists condemned for somehow being both sexist and racist as femininity clearly breaches Capcom’s standards.

Thankfully creative minds have created in-game mods that instead add more realism by turning characters such as Chun-Li into a more realistic depiction of a woman.

Naturally you’d assume that there’d be a verity of different “nude mods” for Street Fighter 6 that add a sexual flare to the game and you’d be right. Which is where our story begins today.

A tournament for Street Fighter 6 that was being broadcasted live on Twitch was in for a surprise during a match between players “Packz” and “Lensta” who’ve chosen the characters of Chun-Li and Kimberly respectively.

The tournament, called “Corner2Corner” went awry after a host seemingly had forgotten to disable one of their own in-game modifications, that being a nude mod for Chun-Li’s attire.

On live broadcast, the match between Packz and Lensta was about to begin, only for a bare nude rendition of Chun-Li to be shown for a handful of seconds before the feed abruptly cuts away from the action with the match temporarily being delayed to resolve the “problem”.

Obviously given the nature of the ordeal, Corner2Corner issued a statement apologizing for the mistake.

Corner2Corner wish to address a recent mistake made on stream in which a graphical mod was accidentally left on for a few seconds in our recent tournament.

Some news stories have incorrectly blamed one of the players – this is NOT the case, it was our hosts PC streaming the match and his responsibility.

We hugely regret that this happened, Corner2Corner is a project run for no profit, everyone working free week in week out to support the FGC. Any negativity towards any players as a result of this genuine mistake is unacceptable and that is why we are making this statement.

The mod is now removed – nothing like this will ever happen again. We ask for understanding from the excellent community that we are all a part of. We expect @GamesRadar to put down their misleading article about one of Europe’s leading talent @Packz since all the fault is ours.

Thank you, All @ Corner2Corner