And just like the last one this is sure to completely fail and may probably lead to the most successful game on the Nintendo Switch console.

Hogwarts Legacy, while not my cup of tea because I’m not a fem crazed Potter fan, the game is quite possibly the most deserving candidate for the convoluted Game of The Year Award, it released back in early February to a massive boycott campaign by woke activists on Twitter.

You see, a bunch of pronoun riddled heterophobes and angry front fringes deemed the game to be “transphobic” due to the transphobic remarks made by Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling who is a self identifying TERF.

A TERF is essentially a FEMINIST who understands the meaning of the word BIOLOGY.

Hogwarts Legacy was the hottest topic in the entire world leading up to its release, a game made by Avalanche Software who had no creative input from Rowling herself was slandered as being this horrible transphobic game that was “literally” causing genocide.

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Oh and something about the game being “antisemitic” due to the depictions of the Goblins at Gringotts which is a wizarding bank controlled and managed entirely by dwarf like creatures with big noses.

Though I am positively sure those who cite these Goblins as being an offensive characterization of Jewish people most certainly did not make any such assumption on their own accord, similarly to how World of Warcraft removed the word “greenskin” in reference to Orcs because apparently leftist retards feel as if Orcs are a racist depiction of black people.

Anyways, Hogwarts Legacy did not cause a genocide of transgender individuals, however the pronoun brigade launched a genocide of their own, specifically targeting every and any streamer who was playing this game. Which was literally fucking everyone by the way, with the game alone garnering well over 400,000 concurrent players at a given point in time just on Steam alone.

These so called “activists” harassing streamers with insults and threats of violence, resulting in the “graduation” of the VTuber known as Pikamee.

Naturally, because these retards have never heard of the Streisand Effect, Hogwarts Legacy sold millions upon millions of copies, over 15 million copies sold to date apparently, over a billion dollars generated.

So naturally it would be receiving a Nintendo Switch port to make another billion on the lucrative market of the handheld system.

And it all started again with a tweet from the official Nintendo of America account, announcing that Hogwarts Legacy would be releasing on the system on November 14th and that digital pre-orders were available right now on the Nintendo eShop.

Completely harmless you’d reckon. But take a gander towards the amount of Quote Retweets it has, almost 1,300 at the time of writing and most certainly more once I’m done with this article, almost six hundred replies.

Any guesses as to what those quote retweets contain?

Yep. You guessed it. Retards with varying degrees of gender dysphoria, such as this lovely chap who for whatever reason proclaims Xenoblade Chronicles as being a series containing (head)cannon trans characters, which it doesn’t and apparently isn’t made by complete “bigots”.

Which is funny because as far as I can recall, woke simpletons were bastardizing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for offering gamers pretty women and lots of fan service.

Liberals would constantly proclaim how Pyra and Mythra both actively promoted pedophilia and yet these sorts of people would openly praise the character design of the latest Pokemon games as being both stunning and brave.

But hey, if it’ll make the so called trans “activist” happy you should most certainly go and play Xenoblade Chronicles 1, X & 2. You can just ignore the third, or pirate it instead, it’s a disasterous downgrade which I can summarize it in one image.

Moving onwards, various individuals also quote retweeted the post made by Nintendo of America, facilitating their own egos and agenda in the vain of trans superiority and boycotting of a game that has already sold over 15 million units and will more than likely shift tens of thousands more when it launches on the Switch in the coming months.

You’d think these parasitic vermin would’ve learned from the last boycott they tried against Hogwarts Legacy, which allows you to create a mixed gender character in the game by the way, but I guess these subhumans aren’t capable of learning from their mistakes.

Except this one, a trans person on Twitter who finally speaks some goddamn sense, but then you realize that they have a Bridget avatar and then it all goes down the goddamn drain.

The hilarity of these trans twitter warriors concludes with them attempting to gaslight others by throwing shade at Hogwarts Legacy for being “lousy” or how “nobody cared about the game” after release.

Imagine that though, a massive single player focused story driven RPG loses momentum merely a handful of months after release, nobody “cared” about Elden Ring six months after that game released, guess it must’ve been garbage because it died out so quickly.

The sheer amount of screeching made against the game by these retards is most certainly the reason why the sales were driven up for Hogwarts Legacy, and quite frankly even if the game ends up becoming another horrific rendition of a bastardized product to accommodate the woeful outdated specifications of the Nintendo Switch handheld, I cannot wait to see the game be amongst the top of the charts in terms of software sales for the system when the game does indeed launch.