I am struggling to find a way to blame AMD for this.

Fresh off the kerfuffle regarding the utilization of AMD’s Anti-Lag+ feature resulting in swift VAC bans from Counter-Strike 2 users have found another way of earning themselves a free vacation without actually cheating on the game.

Using a high DPI mouse.

Valve’s Anti-Cheat has always been notorious for being garbage, which is why actual Counter-Strike players opt to use third party server offerings such as FaceIT who provide their own anti-cheat offerings that actually ban offending players.

And now players are being wrongly banned for having high DPI sensitivities. This problem has gained significant attention as players who manipulate their mouse settings to attain higher DPIs during matches are now facing VAC bans.

This peculiar situation arises from the game’s anti-cheat system misinterpreting sharp high sensitivity mouse movements as “spin-botting”.

The absurdity reaches new heights as players showcase the problem’s reproducibility. In one experiment, a player increased their mouse DPI settings and engaged in what appeared to be harmless in-game actions, such as playfully hitting a teammate in Casual mode as the user simply waves their curser around with 12,000 DPI.

The outcome was as perplexing as it was consistent, a near instantaneous and unjustified VAC ban.

Conversations on platforms such as Reddit and Steam’s forums are filled with disgruntled gamers who are recounting analogous ordeals. The gravity of the issue intensifies when one realizes that setting off this flawed detection system can happen within mere minutes of online gameplay.

Some players who use high-DPI settings during warm-ups or between rounds, a seemingly harmless practice that has been commonplace since the CS:GO era, are now unjustly facing consequences inside of Counter-Strike 2.

VAC was always garbage, it does a better job of banning innocents than it does actual cheaters which are increasingly more prevalent in online focused games, the community has already been stifled enough by throwing AMD under the bus merely weeks ago following the whole Anti-Lag+ saga and now it would be quite evident that the reliability of Valve’s Anti-Cheat has actually come to light.

Especially considering how Counter-Strike 2’s “Premier Mode” has been plagued by cheaters, boosting and more since launch.

Though the situation appears grim, there is hope for corrective measures from Valve. Gamers are waiting for Valve to reverse the hilarious bans, similar to their actions in previous incidents involving Windows 7 and AMD Radeon GPUs.

Barbaric bullshit like this is all the free advertisement Saudi Arabia needs to gain an increased monopoly on Counter-Strike given how those who are more serious in playing the game at a competitive level instead opt to use third party services such as FaceIT and ESEA who also happen to use FaceIT servers themselves.