I really have to admire the community that surrounds the free-to-play game of War Thunder for continually leaking classified / sensitive military documentation of various jet fighters and tanks.

All in the hopes that War Thunder developers, Gaijin Entertainment would use said highly illegal classified documentation to bring new and interesting military vehicles into the game and of course to enhance authenticity in the realistic vehicular combat game by taking note of armor thickness and other precious specifications.

Gaijin of course cannot make use of any sensitive information to put into their game whatsoever, Gaijin of course are only free to access publicly available information regarding vehicular specifications and information for use in game, especially for more modern vehicles in-game their depictions and capabilities are more or less a general approximation.

But that doesn’t stop people from leaking sensitive information on the War Thunder forums, with individuals over the years having leaked documentation regarding Chinese APFSDS shells, another individual, a self proclaimed Challenger 2 commander had leaked classified specifications regarding the Challenger 2’s mantlet thickness to prove that Gaijin didn’t model the vehicle correctly and documentation of the Leclerc was also posted online.

And already this year alone we’ve had leaks regarding the F-16A fighter jet and its AIM-120 AMRAAM.

We can now add yet another fail of military intelligence as more sensitive documentation, this time concerning the Eurofighter Typhoon DA7 jet fighter, of which had a 730 page document posted on the War Thunder forums.

The manual in question does contain a fair few pages that were unclassified but a large majority of the document was still sealed, regardless of the fact that the manual itself was accessible online years ago it remains NATO restricted, meaning those in non-NATO countries aren’t allowed to view it.

While nowhere near as criminal as other various leaks it has to be said that 2023 has been the wildest year yet regarding the surfacing of sensitive and other classified information regarding military vehicles on the War Thunder forums, the hilarity of which rivals the audacity people have in sharing such information just so they can ensure that their virtual military vehicles are are authentic and realistic as possible.