¿por que son asi los gringos?

It’s Hispanic heritage month and do you know what that means? A whole months worth of opportunity for corporations to pretend to be inclusive towards marginalized groups and ethnicities only to accidentally slander them by using derogatory slurs conjured up by “inclusive” liberals.

Bungie has been at the forefront of virtue signaling for minority groups, previously having introduced initiatives such as “Black at Bungie“, “Women at Bungie“, “Trans at Bungie” and “Pride at Bungie” but despite three whole years of virtue signaling, Bungie have not once included Latinos, Hispanics and Spaniards.

Well that ends today with the announcement of Latin at Bungie.

Readers Added Context.

As per usual when it’s time for a company to pander towards different races and sexual orientations for brownie points and profiteering, Bungie took to Twitter to announce its Latin at Bungie club initiative. But in doing so Bungie made the fatal mistake of anglicizing the group of whom they are pandering to by using the term Latin/a/e/o/x in their tweet.

Latinx isn’t a real word, it’s a relatively new neutral term conjured up by over zealous Liberals to be culturally inclusive to describe anyone of any gender so long as they are of Latin American origin as opposed to using “racist” and derogatory words such as Latino or Latina.

Over zealous liberal feminists like “Xandra” here who happens to be bisexual transwoman, “she” has been a tremendous help for Bungie in being more socially conscious and culturally inclusive as a crucial member for Bungie’s own Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Association (IDEA). It’s people like “her” that are the soul reason why “Latinx” is actually a thing.

Though I just have to ask exactly what are they putting in the food items over at Bungie?

Hispanics don’t believe in this Liberal bullshit, with just 2% of them identifying as being “Latinx” according to a survey conducted in November 2021 by Bredixen and Amandi International, Democratic firms whom polled Latin American individuals, 21% of them identified as being Latino or Latina while 68% identifies as being Hispanic.

It’s a made up word meant to be more inclusive to Hispanics and yet to utter the word “Latinx” is quite possibly one of the most offensive words you could actually say to them, even more offensive than actual racial slurs.

Unfortunately, liberals and feminists won’t reach out to me in regards to whether or not we can label the Chinese as being “Chinx” to be more culturally appropriate and neutral if we’re going to label Hispanics as “Latinx”.

Anyways, Bungie made a tweet announcing their Latin at Bungie ordeal however their virtue signaling has hilariously fallen on deaf ears as majority of individuals instantly flocked to critique them for using the slanderous “Latinx” terminology which resulted in Bungie’s Twitter manager into hiding numerous replies.

This is very reminiscent of the term “we’re on your side” as many individuals of Hispanic descent prefer to preserve the integrity of their language and resist any attempts to manipulate or anglicize it, particularly when driven by politically sensitive individuals in Western countries, all while Bungie seemingly throw out all the Hispanic buzzwords on social media to maintain political correctness while aggressively filtering comments on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

“Yeah, it’s Latino or Latina”

Hidden. Comments that are hardly offensive or breach Twitter’s terms of service, mundane comments that simply detest against Bungie’s derogatory naming of Hispanic people and their social media manager personally hid these replies from being showcased beneath their Tweet.

For fucking shame. Bungie don’t give a fuck about Hispanic people or any marginalized race, religion or other group for that matter, this is just a game to them, because that’s what they are trying to do with their barbaric inclusivity shilling. To get people of all races and orientations into playing Destiny 2 so that you can buy some goddamn microtransactions.

Look at how great they are as a company, they really care about Latinos, which is why they are pandering to Hispanics by using made up derogatory bullshit terminologies and silencing any criticism. You should play Destiny 2 and engage with other “Latinx” and while you’re at it please consider buying some in-game “Silver”, as Forbes suggests Destiny 2 is possibly the most predatory game featuring microtransactional content.