At this stage, the evidence clearly indicates that personal data stored with “cloud storage” services is neither safe nor secure.

If you cannot trust cloud services with your own “coom stash,” why would you even consider trusting them with personal images, documents, or anything else of actual importance?

Cloudflare provides privacy-focused services with a commitment to protecting user data and DNS encryption. It is widely deployed across numerous websites, offering its services to a large user base. However, in cases where websites host problematic or “illegal” content when using Cloudflare’s services, the company may be required to comply with legal obligations and share personal details with local law enforcement agencies.

A recent example of this is the case of 13DL, Japan’s largest manga piracy website, which was forced to shut down following a DMCA subpoena. In such situations, Cloudflare, like any other service provider, is obligated to cooperate with law enforcement authorities and provide the necessary information.

It’s important to understand that Cloudflare does not actively monitor or control the content hosted on the websites it supports, unlike various other platforms such as Apple’s iCloud and MEGA, Apple previously wished to scan users iCloud accounts for CSAM or child sexual abuse material, but what defines as being child abuse material is quickly growing wider as a swarm of liberal front fringes aims to lobby that fictional anime content is deemed pedophilic.

Despite the fact that majority of those who openly criticize anime material as being child pornography are often guilty of crimes against real life children themselves which is a massive coincidence.

It is interesting to observe that some individuals who condemn fictional drawings also express admiration for the Netflix drama film “Cuties,” in which children are depicted dancing on stage wearing provocative clothing. but don’t you dare think that Cuties is sexualizing children because you’d be wrong (apparently).

It’s a stunning and brave coming of age story that may depict children pole dancing but it’s totally necessary as the film delves into the challenges of sexuality and the self identity…. of children.

As is often the case, I seem to have gone off on a tangent. To refocus the the actual topic of discussion, Google provides its own cloud storage service called “Drive,” which they too monitor to prevent the storage of illegal content by malicious users.

However, there have been reports from Japanese users claiming that their Google Drive accounts were banned for hosting adult content, including erotica and pornographic doujinshi. This situation highlights the unintended consequences that can arise when platforms implement content moderation policies.

Based on a post from a now suspended account on Twitter, a user shared that their Google Drive account was banned due to the presence of content related to the sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor. Google considered this a severe violation of their policies and obviously illegal.

Now, if you were to google the word “alucaje” you’ll quickly be met with various links, one of which leads of Fur Affinity.

There has been a notable clash between the groups known as lolicons and furries, with a significant portion of the latter being individuals on the autism spectrum.

Unfortunately, there have been countless reports of members within the furry community engaging in the sexual abuse of not only animals but children too.

Furries often position themselves on the moral high ground when criticizing individuals who enjoy lolicon content, which they label as “pedophilic.” However, it is worth noting that lots of individuals within the furry community engage in acts of animal molestation. Consequently, it becomes uncertain whether alucaje, the individual in question, had explicit illegal or morally reprehensible content stored on their Google Drive account.

However, before their account was suspended, alucaje did mention in a subsequent tweet that some of the content on their account included material featuring real-life men and women.

Other users added their input, cautioning about the potential risks associated with using Google Drive and other cloud storage services like Windows OneDrive. They warned that these platforms have a history of banning accounts that contain adult content.

“Google Drive: Don’t use it.

Dropbox: A sense of security from a long-established company. NSFW is OK.

MEGA: Although its future is uncertain, it’s one of the leaders. NSFW is also OK.

pCloud: Expensive, but you can buy storage that lasts a lifetime. EU is probably no good for NSFW.

BOX: Expensive. NSFW is also no good

Don’t forget to carefully double-zip and add a password to all of your ‘suspicious’ data!”

Various other Japanese individuals seemingly had the bright idea of storing their most precious (and disgusting) memories on cloud storage providers such as Apple’s iCloud, the birth of their children. One of the most beautiful and yet grotesque moments in a family’s life, precious memories stored and removed from these storage providers and potentially lost as well if no other backups were made.

Given the recent implementation of the EU’s Orwellian Internet safety law, and the ongoing efforts by various states to enact their own Internet safety laws, it comes as no surprise that major cloud storage companies are now being scrutinized for compliance.

If the majority disapproves of your fiction and deem it immoral, you are not allowed to enjoy it. Society continues to penalize individuals based on their personal preferences. It wont be long now before we people are judged solely based on our own thoughts.

Corporations knowing what you store was already a red flag in my eyes, why would I trust a heretic corporation that tells me that my own data is safe under their keeping? Especially when the likes of Google has a TOS clause strictly prohibiting adult content.