Netflix’s Castlevania: Nocturne has faced significant backlash on social media due to a scene that discusses “racism and equality”.

Viewers have expressed their disappointment and criticism at Netflix’s mockery of the “Anime” art style, arguing that such themes seem out of place in a series centered around vampire hunting.

Netflix has gained a reputation for making significant changes to beloved franchises and properties, often incorporating woke elements such as by swapping the races of prominent characters of a franchise to be black, this is exactly what happens in Castlevania: Nocturne as the character of Annette has been racially swapped from being White into being portrayed as a Black woman.

Alongside portraying Whites as being disgusting and useless creatures.

Background designer, Steve Stark had this to say regarding the black washing of White characters in Castlevania Nocturne.

What a very humble and ingenuous person. Despite the noticeable racial changes to iconic characters in the Castlevania franchise some viewers held onto the hope that the western cartoon adaptation of Castlevania: Nocturne would still be of decent quality.

I don’t really understand why they’d even think this considering the fact that in the third season of Netflix’s previous Castlevania adaptation, Alucard engaged in extremely vivid and graphic gay sex.

But hey, homoeotic featuring Dracula’s son is one thing but maybe Netflix have turned a new leaf with Nocturne, given that it was written by individuals from diverse backgrounds, there is anticipation for the show to deliver a spectacular experience.

Zodwa Nyoni contributed to the creative writing of Castlevania Nocturne and like all other diverse writers in modern media they often resort to self-insertion instead of showcasing genuine creativity.

In an attempt to feel empowered they create self-inserts that lack redeeming qualities, these “creative minds” cannot help themselves, they are talentless hacks who have no talent. What they do have however is a massive inferiority complex, an inferiority complex that they take out upon the fictional characters themselves.

In order to actually boost their self insert they go ahead and diminish the characters around them making others look worse by comparison, which is why Richter Belmont isn’t only discriminated as being useless but takes a step back in the series to allow all the screentime to go towards the black Mary Sue. (Annette)

Sure enough, Castlevania Nocturne turned out to be a massive steaming pile of shit.

Consisting of 8 episodes currently, the story of Castlevania: Nocturne takes place amidst the backdrop of the French Revolution. The spotlight is on Richter Belmont, who embarks on a mission to gather a diverse and unconventional team in order to prevent an impending apocalypse.

In the show centered around vampire hunting, an unexpected inclusion emerges in the form of a speech about liberty and equality. Additionally, the character Annette, who has undergone a race swap, is depicted as being a former slave.

Despite originally being a damsel in distress, she is now portrayed as not only a magic user but is skillful in martial arts as well, effectively smearing Rondo of Blood.

I’m sure Netflix’s ESG score went up considerably.

After this moment was shared on social media, it received widespread criticism for appearing irrelevant and disconnected from the overall narrative of what should be about vampires. Additionally, many viewers were disgusted by the lower quality of animation compared to previous installments of Castlevania adaptations alongside hilarious awful dubbed voice “acting”.

Furthermore, there were comments suggesting that the main character, Richter, was being overshadowed by the race-swapped character, Annette, which sparked discussions and debates among consumers.

Like all the other garbage squeezed out by Netflix, Castlevania Nocturne is more woke garbage that spits in the face of the franchise on which its based by deviating from the source material to pander towards the sensitivities of the infamous “wider audience”.

The inclusion of a diverse range of BIPOC vampires in 1400’s Europe is a notable aspect of Castlevania Nocturne, some appreciate this representation while I find myself conflicted due to the association of Belmont’s signature weapon, a whip, with the historical context of racism this portrayal of diverse vampires in the series unceremoniously perpetuates racist stereotypes.

They strive to accomplish this by incorporating contentious character race swaps instead of introducing new and captivating diverse characters, all while promoting social justice themes within the show itself.

The dialogue throughout the entire series is characterized by excessive and gratuitous use of slurs and profanity, words such as “fuck” or “wanker” are often uttered without any meaningful context or consideration, the constant inclusion of explicit language does not effectively enhance the intensity of the dialogue more rather it just drags the entire shown down with it as it highlights just how poor the writing actually is.

The reception for Castlevania: Nocturne has been disappointing, highlighting a significant divide between left-leaning “critique” reviews and the general public. Rotten Tomatoes, for example, displays a flawless 100% scoreline based on 12 “critique” reviews, while avid consumers have averaged a less favorable “rotten” rating of 55%.

These reviews however come from Metacritic.

But I am sure that woke news outlets with a “socially conscious” agenda will deflect the legitimate criticism as being “review bombing” because of course disgusting woke garbage can never actually be criticized because if you dislike the product which clamps down on racism and pushes current affairs that makes you a bigot, sexist or someone with extremist ideologies.

It doesn’t enhance the intensity of the dialogue to randomly drop in “fuck” in every single sentence, rather it gives the impression that the writing staff aimed to sound more mature and or humorous by relying on excessive and repetitive use of profanity as if a significant portion of the script was rewritten by Chat GPT to randomly insert words such as “fuck”.

This is the sort of garbage that has continually “blessed” our screens for years now, lacking any genuine love or respect for the original franchises and completely disregarding the fans of said franchises as it becomes another opportunity for large corporations to profit from iconic media properties by distorting them to advance their own woke agendas.

This is precisely why consumers were largely indifferent when Hollywood writers went on strike for several months, causing delays in numerous projects. If the creators themselves show a lack of concern for the quality of their work, why should the audience invest their own care and attention into that same product?