Starting from October 10th, the online anime and manga store Right Stuf will be making its official transition to Crunchyroll, just a little over a year after being acquired by the platform.

Right Stuf is an online store that specializes in selling anime and manga-related merchandise, including DVDs, Blu-rays, collectibles, and other products. They have a wide selection of anime titles from various genres and are known for their extensive catalog and customer service, however in August of 2022 tragedy struck, they were bought out by Sony’s Anime hating subsidiary, Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll started out in life essentially as a pirate website dealing in anime and stealing localized subs from many different “subgroups”, and the best part of all is that they illegally streamed said content for profit.

Then suddenly out of nowhere Crunchyroll transformed into a “legitimate” service and began licensing and producing their own localized subs and dubs, before eventually being acquired by Sony who already previously purchases Crunchyroll’s equally cancerous competitor, Funimation, merging both companies together for the sum of $1.2 Billion.

Given the nature of Funimation and Crunchyroll, they are extremely progressive companies who don’t really give two shits about the authenticity and accuracy of their localized dubs and subs, rather they’ve done everything that notorious pieces of shit such as Katrina Leonoudakis has been found guilty of.

Purposefully altering their localizations and interjecting their own propagandist bullshit and cringe “dialect” buzzwords inside, out of sheer spite or simply because the source material was deemed problematic.

Because Crunchyroll is for tourists, not the place to be for those who actually want to watch anime the way it should be intended, Crunchyroll doesn’t only invoke their own ideology in their localizations either, time and time again they’ve effectively censored series after series, purging nudity because naked girls are sexist and pedophilic.

Or outright censoring mature tones such as depictions of abuse, rape and or slavery as seen with their release of Mushoku Tensei (Jobless Reincarnation) season 2.

Crunchyroll hates anime, their employees purposefully infect series after series with cringe buzzwords and ableist nonsense, all in the vein of censorship and transforming anime to sensitive tourists like themselves. They are worse than scum, they are a cancerous plague that need to be eradicated.

And now Crunchyroll effectively holds a monopoly on anime localization licensing, and to top it all off they are now going to shut down Right Stuf’s storefront to merge with their own platform.

Starting October 10th, the Right Stuf store will redirect to Crunchyroll. All products previously available on Right Stuf will now be accessible for purchase on the Crunchyroll Store, or at the very least this is what Crunchyroll proclaims, the authenticity of these words hold little to no merit coming from them.

This expanded collection will include over 30,000 items.

That’s right, Crunchyroll will be shutting down Right Stuf to be merged with Crunchyroll’s own storefront platform, because having competition, even from your own subsidiary is absolutely terrible let alone a massive “inconvenience” to the end user.

Not that this has changed anything, upon being bought out by Crunchyroll, Right Stuf swiftly purged its stock of its erotic products available for sale.

Consumers are much “happier”, docile and more forgiving when they’re being bent over by one massive conglomerate or corporation when it comes to purchasing goods and merchandise that they desire, so what if Crunchyroll refuses to sell suggestive anime figures that “absolutely depict real life children”, where else are you going to go?

Sony essentially now owns almost every single commercialized entity that focuses on anime outside of Japan, neat huh?

And to celebrate the transition Right Stuf announced a 15% off storewide discount using promo code “ThankYou” that is valid through October 9th, but given the very large and loud reception that this merger has received, I doubt many customers will be taking Right Stuf up on their promotional offer.

There are still a few storefronts selling Japanese merchandise of anime, manga and more for you to choose from outside of the reigns of Crunchyroll such as AmiAmi, which is more or less for “normie” audiences as they price gouge gaijin customers, or if you’re after an assortment of unique material such as doujins and or suggestive / mature figures, DEJAPAN is probably your go to platform. Just be aware of additional shipping charges.