Nothing of value will be lost.

Remember the whole Hollywood strike that lasted several months and quite literally nobody cared because who even watches movies at the cinema anymore? Well apparently that ended yesterday.

Well now something similar might come to the video game landscape as members of SAG-AFTRA, which includes voice actors, motion capture performers, and stunt actors, have voted over 98.32% in favor to approve a potential video game strike in the event that negotiations do not result in a satisfactory new labor contract.

It is important to highlight that the vote does not guarantee the occurrence of a new strike, but it empowers the union to initiate one if negotiations prove unsuccessful.

Because as we’re already well aware, the fact is simple, video game developers and other employers are forced to endure long work hours for minimal pay, not only that but usually as their developed product goes gold they’re subsequently thrown aside in favor of newer and more cheaper affirmative action hires.

Which is why corporations such as Activision Blizzard continually announce more ESG woke slop amidst accusations of sexual misconduct with employee staff members alongside trying so desperately to sway their workforce from actually unionizing. Allegedly threatening and spying on its workers.

Similar to the film and TV industries, the video game industry is also grappling with concerns related to employee wages and the possible implementation of artificial intelligence.

Some voice actors seemingly have other worries and concerns.

From my perspective, I believe that the utilization of AI in this context can be seen as only positive, what good is it for companies such as Capcom to pay good looking actresses to mocap their likeness if they’re only going to whack character models with an ugly stick anyway for a strong and independent ESG score?

Less reliance upon stingy and entitled voice artists, such as Hellena Taylor who proclaimed that Platinum Games offered her only $4,000 to reprise her role in Bayonetta 3.

Long story short, she lied.

As much as I personally hate the whole concept of a workers “union”, treating their members like worthless paypigs while begging corporations for more money I do happen to hate the video game industry even more.

So I for one hope that entitled voice acting brats and underpaid developer slaves come together and commence what’s bound to be the largest organized strike in the entire gaming industry, this will only hurt bigger games that use more voice acting and motion capture.

They aught to be paid even less for the barely minimal “work” that they actually do in the game department, the developers are spineless sacks of flesh and bones who are literal slaves to corporate greed.

But wont somebody please think of the voice actors who get to sit inside a little cubical for mere hours a day reciting from their provided script?! These current crop of leftist voice actors are some of the most entitled children to walk amongst the very earth, so fuck them.

We can at least thank them for helping accelerate the adoption of AI in the video game industry.

Considering how this strike would be based entirely within the United States, a strike would only halt the production of woke infested slop made for the purpose of raising developers ESG scores, so please SAG-AFTRA, do not threaten me with the potentiality of a good time.

Strike away! And don’t forget to take those fucking translators along with you.