This is what feminism looks like.

Riot Games has faced criticism for its League of Legends Championship Series video, which showcases transgender gamers as part of their promotion for the next season of the ‘LCS Game Changers’ program.

The ‘LCS Game Changers‘ program, which has recently commenced its third season in 2023, is dedicated to the objective of expanding opportunities for women and marginalized genders in the realm of esports. The LCS serves as a competitive gaming league focused on the popular game, League of Legends. The finals of this league are set to take place in Los Angeles.

However, a concern arises when a league is created with the intention of providing support for women (including marginalized genders), only for transgender individuals to effectively displace women from their own league.

The promotional video released by Riot Games featured the participation of five out of six individuals who identify as transgender, using ‘she/her’ pronouns.

These individuals shared their experiences and perspectives on the program and its significance for people of marginalized genders. In order to qualify for the program, players must meet certain criteria. They must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States or Canada.

Additionally, they should be available to participate in the entire program, possess valid travel documents, and be able to submit recordings of their gameplay footage. Players must identify as a woman or belong to a marginalized gender in order to be considered for the program.

The video received significant backlash, leading Riot Games to hide multiple posts in response to the criticism.

This is a self inflicted problem stemming from feminists, we as people can no longer judge what truly defines being a man or a woman, leftists will argue that biology means absolutely nothing and that women with male reproductive organs are truly women, and that men can have wombs.

You should try asking a biological female who identifies as being lesbian what really actually makes a woman a woman. Chances are they’d be a bigot.

There are many concerns regarding the presence of biological male transgender individuals in an esports league designed around women. Allowing transgenders not only skews Riot Games’ ESG score favorably but it also reinforces the idea that the most skilled players in professional gaming are men, which is disheartening.

There is no inherent issue with corporations like Valve and Riot Games investing in dedicated esports leagues and divisions that focus on nurturing talent specifically from female players. In fact, I wholeheartedly support these initiatives.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has made many great strides in recent years into flourishing all female competitive leagues, the ESL Impact League and the FASTCUP Sakura weekly events come to mind.

Obviously, in a game such as Counter-Strike of which its esports scene is mostly dominated by men you also do have instances of male transgenders being signed to and playing in these female leagues.

GamerLegion had recently signed an “all female” roster under the GL Prism moniker, featuring two players, KittyTM and ManeschijnX, they had only been signed to GamerLegion for all of a couple days before both KittyTM and ManeschijnX, both of whom are in fact transgender were swiftly removed from the team.

It came to light that KittyTM previously threw racial slurs freely during FaceIT matches and thus “she” was subsequently removed from the team with immediate effect due to these discriminatory comments.

As for ManeschijnX, “she” swiftly decided to leave GL Prism, all of three days after being signed to the organization of “her” own accord, allegedly due to allegations of cheating.

When it comes to League of Legends, female representation in esports is being hindered, as transgender individuals exploit systemic loopholes simply because they may not meet the competitive standards for actual high ranking competition and so transgenders take advantage of these inclusive leagues and benefit by diminishing the opportunities that should be available exclusively to women in the league.

In a professional esports environment these people wouldn’t be insulted for being professional players if they only had the actual skill and commitment to actually make it to the big leagues, they’re taking advantage of the Game Changer loopholes to effectively Smurf on the competition.

They don’t possess the same amount of skill as those who compete in top leagues for professional teams so instead they seek to bully female players and take over their entire division. Effectively setting back women in esports years.

Feminists wanted empowerment and representation for women across all things in life not only limited to sports, they get it and their representation is then usurped entirely by the “transgenders are real men/women” movement they helped normalize in the public space, pure irony.