I cannot imagine why SEGA didn’t have enough confidence in the profitability of this game.

In a recent financial update, Sega revealed the cancellation of the game Hyenas. The decision was attributed due to lower profitability of SEGA sales in European regions, prompting the company to conduct a review of its project portfolio.

SEGA now expects to record a loss for the current fiscal year ending on March 31, 2024.

As a result, SEGA has made the decision to cancel Hyenas, as well as some other undisclosed titles that were currently in development.

SEGA had demoed the game to press and public only last month at Gamescom with a beta test concluding halfway through September.

The development of Hyenas was being undertaken by Creative Assembly, a renowned UK-based team widely recognized for their extensive work on the long-standing Total War strategy series, however I cannot imagine that HYENAS had any fans to speak of given the space-themed first person shooter is chockablock full of disgusting and ugly character design that would make any non-gaming Liberal scream for joy.

Hyenas, a multiplayer shooter focused on robbery and extraction, was originally set to be released this year on PC, Mac, current-gen, and last-gen consoles. The game featured five teams of three players each, engaging in intense battles against AI opponents and each other.

In a recent statement, Sega acknowledged that Hyenas was a “challenging” title and refrained from providing specific details as they had not been announced at that time. Sega emphasized their commitment to enhancing the game’s quality during the development process and making final adjustments to its business model concurrently.

The objective of HYENAS was to steal pop culture memorabilia, such as Sonic the Hedgehog figurines because of fucking course there would be Sonic figures in space because SEGA.

Sadly, players won’t get to experience masculine women and drag queens in space, as HYENAS has seemingly been canceled before release, leaving all 592 people out of over 40,000 individuals who had the iron stomach to actually watch the trailer left in anguish I’d imagine.

Considering how close to the end of development the game was it doesn’t make much sense for SEGA to outright cancel it, unless of course they knew that when you’re in a dire position financially as the whole company is hemorrhaging money, perhaps putting out rancid slop targeting ESG score over actual sales because quite frankly who the flying fuck would be interested in a flimsy Payday space heist esk video game filled with ugly women, feminine men and an actual drag queen wearing funny clothes in space?

You know what’s actually funny? This game getting canceled mere months before release

IGN proclaims that a source close to them make the claim that Creative Assembly is effectively in redundancy, with massive staff cuts expecting to happen in the near future, as the studio looks to lose SEGA even more money when Total War: Pharoah releases in October.

Either way, this game was bound to be a colossal pile of absolute garbage and I am glad it was scrapped. Nothing of value was lost here today.