I sure do love it when woke political YouTubers drop the act and freak out.

HeelvsBabyface, a YouTube channel with a subscriber count of over 340,000, has carved out a distinctive presence within the gaming community. His entire scthick seemingly revolves around outrage baiting over current social norms in the video game landscape, with his latest escapdes going against the agenda of political identity pandering inside Bethesda’s Starfield.

The Act Man on the other hand started out in life as a supposed centrist political figure also covering the topics of video games and other forms of media, similarly to the The Quartering, but since gaining prominence and fame, to the sum of 1.8 million subscribers, his mask has slipped as “The Act Man” has become an open leftist leaning content creator defending the inclusion of woke progressive ideology in video games.

Two individuals cut from the same cloth, one a “centrist” going against current social norms, the other essentially a raging liberal dead set on ensuring wokeness for all.

And then you have Ha$$an Piker, another leftist leaning piece of shit with a very punchable face chimed in to berate the fence sitter for dare defying against current year politics in a video game.

HeelvsBabyface like all other YouTube channels that cover video games and political content, has played Bethesda’s latest open world RPG, Starfield extensively, however he decided to make a video sharing his disgust towards the inclusion of pronouns in the game’s character creation outfit.

That’s where all of this stems from, fence sitting individual has an opinion about woke identity political bullshit inside a video game, while former fence sitting leftoid condemns and berates the fence sitter for not embracing wokeness with open arms, shitting on HeelvsBabyface for “almost crying” over the usage of pronouns inside Starfield following up by stating how said pronouns are “superfluous” as Starfield goes on ahead to misgender selected pronouns anyway.

In a YouTube video titled “Man ‘Cancelled’ For Having Opinion on Internet!!,” HeelvsBabyface doubled down by defending himself. During the video, he reiterated his critique of “the gender ideology and intersectionality that’s been heavily integrated into various forms of entertainment, including video games, TV shows, films, comics, and more.”.

Whoa, you gobig guy!

By doubling down on his views, HeelvsBabyface expressed his firm stance against what he perceives as an overwhelming presence of these ideologies in different aspects of entertainment, which I praise him for because I too have no time for such benign bullshit sensitivity pandering inside video games.

It’s not about pronouns; it’s about the freedom to express oneself. – The Act Man

Leftists are genuinely a cancer, it’s not just a barrage of temper tantrums over pronouns that these bastards are getting pissy about, they’re even attacking women for having a difference of opinion because nothing is more progressive and tolerant than telling female gamers to off themselves because they don’t support your woke narrative.

What the hell am I talking about you ask? Enter Nina Infinity.

Nina has been extremely vocal about her own views towards Starfield, surprising nobody they weren’t all that favorable towards Bethesda, she has expressed her support of individuals such as HeelsvsBabyface’s views on the pronoun situation, whereas she has personally refunded the game for performing like absolute dogshit on PC and because of said pronoun pandering.

It’s actually very funny to see actually, leftists are taught that they should believe all women, #metoo and all that crap, but here is a woman who is vocal about the obscene nature and enforcement of political pandering and identity politics in video games and she’s simply berated by leftists because of this, she has received death threats and threats of rape simply because she returned Starfield.

I guess the phrases believe all women and defend all women no longer applies if said woman doesn’t share the same political views as you.

Though of course I do find it staggering how these left leaning piles of shit act all self righteous regarding inclusivity and tolerance when they themselves have a shady history of openly using the same derogatory slanderous terms they vilify others for, this is exactly what excessive consumption of Soylent does to a person.

So you better respect the goddamn pronouns just like our valiant inclusive hero, The Act Man.