This either has to be the most bizarre and afront way of telling consumers to go fuck themselves or this rumor is just smoke and mirrors so that consumers will gladly accept Rockstar trying to peddle GTA 6 with a $90 price tag as a good alternative.

What the hell am I talking about you might ask? Well, word around the office is that Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are more than desperate to recoup their investment into Rockstar Games’ upcoming release, Grand Theft Auto 6.

Shocker, game companies are in the business to hopefully make money, at least when it comes to AAA anyway, but what sort of figures are we talking about for GTA 6?

How does two billion dollars sound.

Obviously this figure is astounding to say the least, especially for a video game but in comparison to how much money Take-Two and Rockstar Games have generates from Grand Theft Auto V it may as well be a penny, as GTA V has sold over 185 million copies globally, and only god knows how many billion dollars it has made from in-game Shark Card MTX sales as well.

Based on a leaked screenshot from a conversation with a GTA 6 informant, it was revealed that the gaming studio had already invested a whopping $2 billion at the time of the leak. This unprecedented amount not only surpasses the budget of any other video game in history but also raises concerns about the game’s potential price tag.

Speculations are circulating that Rockstar Games might set the price at an astonishing $150.

There is absolutely zero justification in such an absurd price tag, dedicated fanboys of Rockstar Games have been trying to peddle the motive that $150 for Grand Theft Auto 6 is okay considering the “longevity” of the multiplayer focused predecessor, but anyone with enough braincells to rub together would more than likely laugh their way out of the store when confronted with a $150 price tag.

But then again there’s some merit to the figure, given how Rockstar Games literally just tried to asset flip their own game, Red Dead Redemption for the low price of $50 for a half arsed port to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles, without multiplayer.

Consumers laughed in the faces of Square Enix who tried to peddle their increasingly woke and globalized Final Fantasy games for the new standard of $70 for a AAA video game, but it had only taken a handful of months before said consumers caved in and bent over now making $70 the new normal.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be financially successful regardless of how much Rockstar Games have sunk into the project, given the severe leaks from September 2022, the story mode will focus on a “White trash” southern hick and his trusty strong Latina companion it’s fair to say that GTA 6 will be the most woke and inclusive entry in the GTA franchise.

I can guarantee you that the story revolves around taking down the establishment and their patriarchy, the main villains of the story will be sexist bigoted racists, the story mode for Grand Theft Auto V in my personal opinion was the worst and most unmemorable in the franchises entire history, alongside the fact that Rockstar only put focus on adding content to its multiplayer component, it would be stupid to think that Rockstar Games wouldn’t be focusing at least 90% of their effort with GTA 6 on its multiplayer aspect too.

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have quite literally printed billions of dollars thanks to GTA V’s Online component, it’s hilarious to see them actually turn around and burn so much money into Grand Theft Auto 6 considering it was rumored that the previous installment only had a budget of around $250 Million, however $2 Billion dollars would easily mark it as the most expensive video game of all time.

$150 is plausible but I don’t think that’s it, the game by design is an online money trap, the single player is destined to be absolutely fucking garbage similarly to GTA V.

Don’t expect a graphical or technologically advanced game either, Grand Theft Auto IV with its hyper realistic and extremely advanced physics model was deemed lackluster in terms of release game sales as it followed GTA San Andreas, Rockstar dumbed down the physics properties with GTA V which was lightning in a bottle, Rockstar Games are obviously looking to achieve that once gain.

I for one think this rumor mill bullshit is merely a way for Rockstar Games to perhaps try and save face for when they actually do announce the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title with a slightly lower, albeit just as retarded price tag, say around $90.

Receptively, I believe Grand Theft Auto 6 will be the worst in the entire franchise, but from a financial aspect, even with a $2 Billion dollar investment and potentially a $150 price tag?

There are over 100 million people in this godforsaken earth that purchased Grand Theft Auto V, some of them perhaps bought the game at least two or three times as Rockstar Games continually re-released the game from the XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3 to the XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 consoles, then to PC, then once again to the PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series of consoles.

There’s not a chance in hell that Grand Theft Auto 6 “flops” from a financial point of view, now when compared against its predecessor, GTA V, the sale of copies and money generated initially will be perceived poorly, there’s no chance for Grand Theft Auto 6 to actually surpass its predecessor in terms of profit and game sales.