Lots of people look down on Autism, they belittle those who suffer from the disorder but those who are Autistic are dedicated to a specific subject often enough it generates something marvelous.

Type-Moon is an unanimous name when it comes to Japanese visual novels, given that they created the Tsukihime franchise which eventually led to the ever popular “Melty Blood” fighting series of games which features several characters from the Tsukihime franchise.

But more infamously, Type-Moon are mostly known for the Fate franchise which originated with the “Fate/stay night” visual novel back in 2004 and quickly gained an immense following both locally inside Japan and especially a dedicated niche following in western countries.

Fate quickly expanded into its own franchise featuring anime adaptations, manga and various spin-off games and media that expand upon the lore or happen to take place in alternative timelines inside the Fate universe such as Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Extra, and Fate/Grand Order, with the mobile RPG having raked in over $7 Billion dollars since release.

The franchise is known for its complex storytelling, intricate lore and characters, and deadly battles with Fate revolving around the concept of the “Holy Grail War”, a battle royale where mages summon historical and mythological figures as powerful warriors called Servants to fight on their behalf.

And thanks to the power of autistic fans, you can now experience the original Tsukihime and Fate/stay night visual novels for absolutely free on modern web browsers.

Both visual novels are now entirely playable with these unofficial web ports with a sleek web presentation with fast loading, both visual novels are able to be played through from start to finish.

With the Tsukihime web port offering configurable settings, the adjustment of text speed, aspect ratio and alternating sound tracks, you can even play though the game in either Japanese or with an English translation, and it even provides save data exportation and importation so you’ll always retain your progress.


The best feature about the Tsukihime web port comes in the form of H-Scene adult filters, meaning that the visual novel can be played through in its entirety with adult scenes included, nothing is lost or arbitrarily censored.

The plot of Tsukihime revolves around the life of Shiki Tohno, a high school student with a mysterious ability called the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.” These eyes allow him to see the lines and points that represent the death of objects and living beings, enabling him to destroy them with a single cut.

After a life-threatening accident in his childhood, Shiki is adopted into the Tohno family, a wealthy and influential household. However, his life takes a turn when he starts experiencing strange and supernatural occurrences. He discovers that he is part of a secret world of vampires and other supernatural beings.

As the story progresses, Shiki embarks on a journey to unravel the secrets of his own past, the enigmatic Tohno family, and the mysteries that shroud his city. The player’s choices throughout the visual novel shape the path of the story, influencing the relationships Shiki forms with the diverse cast of characters.

Tsukihime delves into profound themes such as the essence of one’s identity, the inexorable hand of fate, the power of love, and the delicate boundary between humanity and the supernatural. It immerses readers in a dark and intricate world inhabited by vampires, their internal struggles, and the far-reaching consequences of their choices and actions.


The unofficial Fate/stay night web port works in a different manner, you can play through the entire visual novel from start to finish on your web browser sure, but you have to specifically scroll through and select specifically which scene do you wish to start / continue from which certainly helps for those who want to experience every in-game route with a simple click of your mouse.

The story follows the protagonist, Shirou Emiya, a young mage who becomes involved in the Holy Grail War after accidentally witnessing a battle between two Servants. Shirou forms a contract with a powerful Saber-class Servant named “Saber” (Artoria Pendragon), who happens to be King Arthur, devourer of food.

Shirou eventually becomes one of the Masters in the conflict, as the war unfolds, Shirou discovers dark secrets about the Holy Grail War and the true nature of the Servants. He encounters other Masters and Servants, forming alliances and rivalries, the story explores themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the consequences of one’s desires.

Fate/stay night is divided into three main story routes: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven’s Feel.

Each route focuses on different aspects of the story and provides different perspectives and character development. The choices made by the player throughout the visual novel determine which route is followed and ultimately shape the outcome of the story.

Aside from the navigation the actual VN itself is simply a breeze to play and enjoy throughout, all localized within your preferred web browser.

These unofficial web ports made by dedicated fans are the most ideal and convenient ways of experiencing both of two classic visual novels that have since become some of the biggest names in all of Japanese media entertainment.

So now you no longer have any excuses not to play through these iconic visual novels.