ESGentrification rears its ugly head once again.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the timed exclusive PlayStation exclusive launches on October 20th and to hype up customers, Insomniac Games have been showcasing various new character designs as depicted in the game on the PlayStation Store.

Unfortunately for Insomniac Games, consumer reception regarding many of the unnecessary changes made to various characters has not gone over well.

Mainly with the character of Mary Jane, often portrayed as a main love interest in the Spider-Man franchise, her radical redesign in Spider-Man 2 seemingly dulls down her femininity, instead giving her a more masculine jawline, essentially making her appearance vastly more “aged up” than her original design from the previous Marvel’s Spider-Man installment.

While simultaneously the character of Peter Parker, Spidey himself has seemingly been physically de-aged with a much more softer, younger and estrogenic appearance.

Though I’d like to see what would’ve been the reaction from journalists had Insomniac Games did a complete role reversal by making Peter Parker appear older while Mary Jane was being depicted as younger, but as far as I’m aware especially when concerning how Valve’s Steam Store operates as far as Japanese media is concerned, “straight shota” is socially acceptable in the West.

Many fans are criticizing the new look to Mary Jane, taking to twitter to bastardize her new wine aunt design as being ugly, because this is simply the name of the game in modern media, it’s shameful to have fictional women depicted as being beautiful.

Despite the fact that Mary Jane is often enough casted or depicted as being very charming and attractive across all various forms and interpretations of of the Spider-Man franchise.

Mary Jane is supposed to be feminine, she is supposed to be an “eye catch. Now she looks like your typical middle aged woman.

Beautiful women is sexist in modern media, gaming especially, which is why game developers purposefully hire good looking actresses / actors to take influence from regarding character designs and then purposefully lobotomize them with an ugly stick by making them appear more “mature”, “refined” and less feminine (attractive) all in the vain of destroying (toxic) masculinity.

Naturally, various media outlets such as Dot Esports have begun defending this stunning and brave radical redesign of Mary Jane by depicting those who criticize her newly profound masculine jawline as being “normies”, “incels” or sexist weirdo creeps who “should just go watch porn”.

“GAMERANT” stood out among other outlets for their strong defense of Mary Jane. They boldly claimed that the controversy surrounding her was reminiscent of the negative reception received by the recent Dead Space Remake with their shill piece slandering those who object as being “toxic”.

The entire article is dedicated to the bastardization of franchises many gamers old dear, if you’re not on board with the rapid decline of quality along with the depictions of feminine female characters in favor of “realistic” depictions you’re simply just a toxic bigot.

The author of the article in question, Richard Warren.

hey kids, want some free candy?

Hack journalists do this sort of shit all the damn time, which is why I hate them all on a personal level despite trying so hard to masquerade as one myself, except for the matter being that I opt to speak my mind and state the obvious. It seems that nearly every form of media entertainment is compelled to cater to the sensitivities of Twitter-obsessed feminists.

Promoting inclusivity is of utmost importance, featuring individuals in modern media from diverse ethnicities and genders, however thanks to the inflationary bubble of ESG funding, corporations prioritize diversity quotas over actual quality and enjoyment of the end product by simply changing the race of existing characters, rather than introducing new and captivating characters into the media.

For instance, Castlevania Nocturne is just one example among many where iconic franchise characters were altered from being White to Black, instead of creating fresh and intriguing characters.

While the Dead Space Remake saw instances of race swapping for in-game characters, but mainly replacing the portrayal of White and Asian characters on Ishimura propaganda material with Black people instead, the game also saw EA Motive prioritize gender inclusive toilets.

Alongside the “realistic” depictions of women having radicalizing the design of Kendra and Nicole so that they both are depicted as being middle aged and unattractive.

While individuals like Richard Warren perpetuate the stereotype of supporting feminist ideologies, suggesting that men who appreciate the new standard of beauty, which includes middle-aged women, will somehow help them find a girlfriend is quite amusing.

It doesn’t work by the way and never will, being a male feminist “ally” doesn’t get you any “pull” with these sorts of individuals, more rather it just paints a massive target on your back as being some form of sexual predator.

“These criticisms stem from a poor grasp of what real-life women look like and perpetuate the dated stereotype that women lose attractiveness as they get older.”

“The hate for Mary Jane reflects how toxic gamers can be.”

Hilarious because I thought video games were all about “escapism”, and real life women can certainly vary from being attractive to being the ugliest slab of skin on the face of the earth, just because you’re unattractive doesn’t mean that everything in the world needs to cater towards your ugly mug and fragile sensibilities, because the individuals who actually take offense to attractive FICTIONAL depictions of female characters are more often than not ugly women themselves.

And yes, women do lose “attractiveness” as they get older, it’s called menopause and it’s what majority of journalists suffer from each and every day, once again it’s not much of an excuse to simply demand that every single depiction of a woman in fictional media entertainment simply has to be depicted as a depreciating middle aged woman.

Once again, these game companies purposefully pay real life good looking women to take “influence” from when it comes to their character designs, and yet each and every time they purposefully butcher their own character models to suit your fragile mind and disgusting phenotype.

And of course if you just so happen to be one of the tens of thousands of people who liked one of the many various Tweets made in mockery of Mary Jane’s middle aged rendition in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 you’re just another “toxic gamer” with “toxic masculinity”.

Because that’s what these “realistic” portrayals of women is all about, destroying the so called toxic masculinity, leftism is a mind virus after all and all of these major game development studios have their own ESG processor license when enforces them to engage in globalistic / liberal propaganda, promoting diversity and inclusivity over producing a genuine product.

Or how every single person who actually plays video games universally agreed upon that Fable 4’s main character being quite possibly the most hideous protagonist in a video game to date.

But of course if you for whatever reason dislike the downgraded rendition of “Aloy” from Horizon Zero Dawn to Forbidden West where she now appears less feminine, more porkish and now sports high quality facial hair, or dislike Fable’s stunning and brave main character you’re clearly just a bigot who views all women as being sex objects.

Liberal women in the game industry seemingly have a vendetta against the portrayal and depiction of young, charming and feminine women, they are both hideous and repulsive and feel threatened by younger and attractive women which is why they demand for these radical design choices that alienates the men from the journalist, they promote and condone such antics and hide behind the curtain of “realism” to avoid scrutiny.

Replacing young women with old hags is adding realism to the video game industry, if you don’t like that you’re a toxic scumbag.