Are you sick and tired of using the staple of video games and or synthetic workloads made by Futuremark or Unigine to stress test, benchmark and compare GPU results?

Do you wish to forego all of this just for the sake of pushing the maximum wattage and temperature out of your graphics card? Well wait no longer as Geeks3D has got you covered with a brand new rendition of its FurMark “Power Virus.

Geeks3D has been diligently working on an updated version of their renowned GPU benchmarking tool, FurMark. While its relevance is questionable at best, Furmark remains a popular choice among idiotic self proclaimed PC enthusiasts, outpacing the likes of MSI Kombustor.

Starting from 2022, the beta version of FurMark 2 has been accessible to Geeks3D members on Discord. After undergoing testing and refinement, the software is now scheduled for public release later this month, allowing a wider audience to benefit from its destructive features.

FurMark has a reputation for being the fastest way of securing an RMA for your graphics card, with many GPUs over the years falling victim to what Steve from Gamers Nexus dubs a “Power Virus”, though sadly a subscription to Norton won’t do much in preventing a catastrophic hardware failure when running the supposed benchmarking program.

Here is an RTX 3090 Ti exceeding 900 watts of power consumption whilst running FurMark.

Normal people would consider using a verity of 3DMark’s test suite on a loop to validate system overclocks or to “stress test” a graphics card, insane people prefer to run the most pointless piece of software available for PC enthusiasts which provides unrealistic performance figures despite being the worst case scenario for a graphics card well beyond any practical application in terms of overall workload hence why it’s dubbed a “power virus”.

In FurMark 2.0, users now have the option to submit their benchmark scores to a public database, allowing for a broader comparison of performance and cherry picking to ensue.

FurMark 2.0 now supports both the OpenGL and Vulkan graphics APIs, providing users with more choices and compatibility. The benchmark includes three preconfigured options for testing: 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p resolutions, enabling users to assess performance across various display settings.

Moreover, users can still customize their preferred resolution and graphics settings to suit their specific needs during testing. FurMark 2 is going above and beyond with a user-friendly UI to ensure maximum GPU casualties for those unaware of what lurks within, ensuring a seamless and “educational” experience for all users.

Just in case I’m not perfectly clear, stay the fuck away from using this cancerous piece of software, FurMark is the ideal synthetic solution to slaughtering perfectly working graphics cards under the false pretense of “stress testing”, the only practical use case FurMark can provide for the end user is an alternative home heating solution during winter months.