Two slop drops in a singular day? Oh Square Enix, you’re so thoughtful.

It’s a shame that the word “thoughtful” cannot be used to describe Square Enix and their corporate policies when it comes to maintain faithfulness or consistency when it comes to new standalone game installations or remasters.

It’s obvious by now that Square Enix is a compromised company, their stock evaluation is shifting downwards as their games assert themselves as being woke sensitized rubbish for western audiences, with Final Fantasy rife with inclusive homosexual pandering while they push absolute rubbish out of the door such as Forspoken as they arbitrarily censor their abundance of pixel remasters for characters being too “risqué” with their grotesque and primitive pixelated designs.

If Square Enix are more than happy to go this far in terms of its censorship then needless to say that every modern game that comes out from them will invoke similar tendencies and standards, which sadly has been the case for the recently announced Dragon Quest Monsters 3.

Announced during the September Nintendo Direct event, Dragon Quest Monsters 3 or “The Dark Prince” if you’re a gaijin, has a free demo available for download on the Nintendo eShop currently, and is set for a worldwide release on December 1st 2023.

The bad news? Well, several characters featured in Dragon Quest IV will make their return for this particular installation although with some major design changes, I’m fairly certain you can guess exactly what sort of changes have been made given Square Enix’s track record.

Maya was a playable character in Dragon Quest IV alongside her sister Meena, while Meena’s appearance is extremely plain and conservative and given that she caries a crystal ball she is of course a fortune teller.

Maya, a character known for her traditionally provocative attire, has consistently appeared in her signature sexy outfit in various games like Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Tact, staying true to her original design.

However, fans have observed a slight departure from this depiction in the more recent release, in Dragon Quest Treasures there is an item called “Maya’s Statue”.

Maya’s Statue showcases the character with a slightly altered appearance, featuring a full body attire with her navel covered, which some fans have noticed and commented on.

Maya’s original design on the other hand was much more lose, wearing almost next to nothing barring a long orange loincloth and a plated bra, her class is that of a dancer, she is designed to be vexing and alluring given that her class is that of entertainment offering high agility.

Her new design in Dragon Quest Monsters 3 however is the exact opposite, she now dons purple shorts alongside her loincloth, her padded bra remains however the skin surrounding her chest region has been entirely covered.

And naturally, Japanese consumers are already rejecting the bastardized and inclusive redesign.

Square Enix have spent the past five years continually hitting nails into their own coffin though modernized sensibility pandering that clamps down on feminine character design which of course is the bane of women who showcase skin and or bodily assets, they have revived long forgotten IPs to push out a quick “pixel remaster” as an easy cash grab yet cannot seem to contain themselves from incorporating censorship in one way or another.

All while their modern properties continue to decay, the company has lost over 2 Billion dollars in their market capital so naturally they’d choose to double down on their own demise in the hopes that they can recoup their developmental investment back via ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) by producing inclusive and safe games for all genders, particularly orc-ish leftists who detest femininity as unadulterated sexism.

If you don’t know what ESG is you’re not alone, much akin to how whole countries try and pander / cash in what are called “carbon offset credits”. Basically, these corporations get an ESG score based on how left-leaning the company is in terms of their brand image, inclusivity in products, marketing and more.

These ESG “credits” are given to high ranking individuals who make such decisions at corporations such as Square Enix or CD Projekt Red as seen in this lovely shilling video.

If a company were to fail to comply with enough excessive leftist ideologies, they are threatened into having their ESG processor license being stripped off of them, once you go woke it’s a catch 22.

They’re involved in nearly every single major company, and most minor companies. Another few examples include:


Koei Tecmo:


And obviously Square Enix:

When these companies comply with woke leftists and push political bullshit that nobody wants inside of their products, they are given these “credits” which boosts their ESG score tremendously which gives corporate executives nice big fat stacks of cash in exchange for sinking their own company in terms of reception and product sales.

I boil the practice down to greedy CEOs and corporate executives who don’t give a fuck about the company they essentially run, their offices for the most part are staffed by woke lefties anyway who believe that these CEOs and corporate giants are doing the “right thing” by supporting ESG practices but they couldn’t be anymore wrong.

But in regards to Dragon Quest Monsters 3? This is just Square Enix doing what they’ve been doing best for the past five plus years, push progressive ideologies and modern ethical standards upon its audiences by covering up fictional women, Twitter loyalists who stand by their inclusive woke ideals will label those sick and tired of Square Enix’s censorship as being pedophiles as per usual, despite the fact that the very same leftoid freaks are the ones actually abusing real life children.

Because of all the woke nonsensical political and gender pandering, Square Enix are in the ESG’s good graces, by promoting such practices the company is taking serious financial losses as a result, eventually it’ll be too much to bare and they will need to fold while the CEO and corporate bigwigs walk away as multi-millionaires after receiving fat stacks of cash as “gifts” for being ESG lapdogs.