STDs come in all shapes and sizes but none is possibly more devastating to contract than DENUVO.

Dubbed as DENUVO “Anti-Tamper”, the DRM or digital rights management has been proven to hinder system performance during gameplay due to its unique encryptive nature and constant resource hogging and utilization of both the systems CPU and hard disk.

As a means of deterring piracy, DENUVO has been extremely successful at hindering the performance of paying customers at the cost of a somewhat delayed cracked release, increased load times, unstable framerates causing wild stuttering are just some of the awesome features present inside of a game packing DENUVO DRM.

Pirates actually gain performance and stability while paying customers suffer for the privilege of being consumerist pay pigs, isn’t that just lovely.

For what it is DENUVO has been somewhat successful, at least for the company itself, while players and customers may hate their guts (myself included), companies left and right seemingly continue to pay Denuvo Software yearly fees to incorporate its solution on their games and products, so much so that even Nintendo are utilizing a variation of their DENUVO encryption to wave off emulation of their Nintendo Switch console.

For a game company there’s no better form of negative PR than to announce that you are using DENUVO DRM on your game, even more so if you abruptly advertise / feature the DRM days before your game is set to release.

Lies of P is another souls-like video game, possibly one of the most anticipated games of 2023 from fans of FromSoft, and we’re just days away from its awaited release on September 19th.

Developed by Korean firm NEOWIZ, Lies of P is a dark and twisted retelling of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale, Pinocchio. In this reimagining, the mischievous puppet known for his penchant for falsehoods and his desire to become a real boy takes center stage.

However, Lies of P delves into much darker and more macabre themes than its source material. While the game pays homage to its inspiration, featuring characters like the untrustworthy cat and fox, it adds a unique mechanic where players must make choices between telling lies or the truth.

These choices have a significant impact on the outcome of the protagonist’s harrowing adventure. In this gory and haunting version of Pinocchio’s story, the world is filled with despair and sadness. The game explores the depths of the puppet’s struggles and the consequences of his deceitful nature.

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Anyways, enough about a game summary, Lies of P is set to release in just a handful of days and yet seemingly out of left field the game has added in DENUVO’s controversial and downright cancerous DRM technology right as the 72-hour early access period has begun as seen from the latest SteamDB entry for Lies of P.

Which means all review copies scattered around to corporate shills and journalists also contain the infamous DRM, which has without a doubt tarnished the games reputation and purchasing decisions for many with this last second inclusion of performance crippling encryption.

So even if by chance you were looking to pirate Lies of P when it officially releases you’re going to have to wait an undisclosed amount of time until someone coughs up the $500 required to everyone’s favorite DENUVO hackerman in drag, EMPRESS.

Needless to say, developed on Unreal Engine 4 and featuring DENUVO Anti-Tamper DRM, Lies of P is bound to have performance issues relating to load times and consistent frame times. Pity.