I love it when cucks get their comeuppance.

The author of the manga series, Magical Sempai, is illustrated by “Azu” and has been featured in Weekly Young Magazine since 2016 and received an anime adaption in 2019, received so much flack from people on Twitter that she had closed down her account in response.

Magical Senpai is an ecchi comedy revolving around the antics of a high school magical club between a clumsy and well robust senpai and her feeble kohai “assistant”. If interested you can easily download a BD rip from nyaa.

Anyways, while the manga series officially wrapped up back in 2021, Azu, the illustrator of the manga series has gradually degraded herself by instead focusing on producing NSFW artwork commissions from her Pixiv Fanbox account, with many of her pieces involving degenerate kinks such as NTR or “Netorare” and even depictions of Beastiality.

Pixiv Fanbox is a paywalled financial service akin to Patreon where fans of Azu can donate money and request specific illustrations, many of Azu’s fans have requested a whole lot of NSFW artwork of Magical Sempai, many of which contains aforementioned degenerate kinks.

Luckily for those who don’t simp out for artists and content producers who use such services, there happens to be a website called Kemono Party that exists just for circumventing paywalled content which will allow you to freely view Azu’s Pixiv releases for your own judgement.

Because from her last few pieces of published artwork, of which featured a doujinshi of Magical Sempai with several men, fans of the franchise absolutely went to town on Azu on her social media platforms, with fans going as far as to modify the Japanese Wikipedia entry for the series adding in the line:

“According to the official description provided by the author, Tejina has physical relations with several men.”

Azu’s discovery of the Wikipedia edit sent her over the edge, so much so that she ushered out a response of Pixiv Fanbox that stated the following:

“I found out that some scum desecrated the Wikipedia page of ‘Tejina Senpai’ shortly after I published this doujinshi. Please note that all characters, including the protagonist, are vi*gins. Consider this when you see my he*tai illustrations. What sense does it make to write all this? Precisely for this reason, he*tai illustrations are only for adults, both physically and mentally!”

Doubling down on degenerate nonsense only added fuel to the flames of already pissed off fans who only continued to berate her on social media resulting in Azu disabling her Twitter account shortly thereafter.

She may plead and shout that on her Pixiv Fanbox that she creates “intense content”, but the problem really stems from the fact that she essentially created a popular-ish romantic comedy focused mainly on two characters, that being Sempai and her assistance, so she had the brilliant idea of going ahead with commissioned NTR artwork featuring said popular character that goes against everything depicted in the manga.

She’ll continue to create more illustrations so long as the cucks who commission Azu continue to empty their wallets and bankroll heinous degeneracy, the problem is never going to actually go away until the cuckolds themselves are lined up against the wall and executed.

The criticism is justified, but I genuinely doubt that Azu has learned any sort of lesson from this ordeal, more rather she has just stuck its fingers inside her ears to block out any negativity that surrounds her commissioned artwork because of course, money matters most of all in this world.