People are absolutely livid regarding the fact that a video game they’ve pre ordered doesn’t support closed-sourced frame hallucinogenic nonsense, but instead rather opted to go for an agnostic open source solution that these people can totally tell the differences between.

The rumor mill as of late is spouting that AMD themselves are scrapping their high-end enthusiast products for their next generation RDNA 4 and here I am questioning why they don’t just leave the GPU market altogether because these sorts of retards deserve to be milked.

I specifically remember a whole lot of screeching regarding AMD’s FSR and NVIDIA’s proprietary DLSS, in the tech world where everyone on the internet seemingly has to argue like a bunch of degenerate fanboys? Moronic brand loyalists fighting one another on the internet? Totally unheard of.

I believe the practice of upscaling to be barbaric peasantry garbage suited to only validate and prolong the lifespan of underpowered components, or belongs in the console market.

For actual games, running high-end hardware, this whole revolution of barbaric artifact riddled input delay inducing nonsense is being arbitrarily used to cover up the tracks of unoptimized piles of garbage from developers and their cancerous UE5 wares.

Nevertheless, I remember the tech circle running with the theory that AMD were demanding developers to refrain from supporting NVIDIA’s DLSS technology in sponsored titles, in AMD’s infinite wisdom they refrained from commenting about the situation.

And by “tech circle” I of course mean disgusting journalists and tech tubers, such as WCCF Tech and overweight fat pieces of shit like “Joker Productions” who I swear gains another pound for every time it criticizes AMD on its channel.

Though that’s probably a good thing, a couple more pounds and maybe Joker will kneel over dead because he sure as shit isn’t putting down the fork.

Because that’s the sort of narrative that’s been going around, NVIDIA and their closed sourced software exclusive only to the RTX label, or rather exclusive only to the RTX 4000 series for cancerous DLSS 3 frame interpolation, doesn’t support other GPU manufacturers for its “tensor” black box, goes on record for blocking AMD technologies and who could forget about the GeForce Propaganda Program (GPP).

Tesselation, PhysX, HairWorks, Or the time when NVIDIA demanded Ubisoft pull DirectX 10.1 because it benefited hardware that wasn’t their own.

I genuinely doubt that if Starfield utilized Intel’s own “XeSS” upscaling solution we’d be in the same boat, because lots of these scum will be running blue and green until the day that they die. Not to say that games utilizing XeSS only would be a bad thing, in fact it would be as great a thing as FSR because Intel has the fucking brains to understand that the only way to pushing software upon the masses is through MASS ADOPTION.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, that being Bethesda’s Starfield, having the game use an open source solution that’s available to use across AMD, NVIDIA and even Intel graphics cards is apparently shameless and vile.

FSR and XeSS are both supported between all three hardware vendors while NVIDIA’s are locked exclusively only to themselves, but it’s anti consumer for developers to incorporate either of these open source technologies in their titles only, because exactly what incentive outside of financial do developers have in supporting anti-consumer proprietary technologies when there are literally two universal vendor options instead?

Good thing we’ve got saints like Joker Productions calling out AMD for their heinous shenanigans.

Obviously AMD are playing dirty by blocking out NVIDIA technologies right? Wrong. In actual fact FSR is being disproportionately represented in game examples to validate slanderous accusations.

If we were to compare titles featured on PC Gaming Wiki’s “list of games that support upscaling” you’ll quickly realize the actual narrative here.

PCGW’s list is comprised of all the games released and available to play right now that contain some form of upscaling technology with some titles being listed as “early access” wither various other games having been released as far back as 2003 receiving DLSS / FSR.

Of the list there are a total of ~371 games currently present with AMD FSR / NVIDIA DLSS / Intel XeSS or other miscellaneous upscaler, of those titles 157 of them do not utilize AMD’s FSR, that’s just 42.31%.

99 games do not have NVIDIA DLSS, that’s 26.68% while 208 of them don’t support Intel’s XeSS which is 55.79%.

Now when it comes to comparing recent titles considering how DLSS has dominated the gaming industry for the better part of over a year before FSR’s release, when accounting for titles released since January 1st 2023 which equals 75 games.

21 don’t have AMD FSR support at all. (~28%), 19 have no Nvidia DLSS support at all. (~25%) and only 3 games offer zero support for either technology and only Intel XeSS (~4%).

So who really is cockblocking the other? 28% isn’t majority but the fact of the matter is that it’s slightly more likely that a game doesn’t offer support for FSR than it doesn’t support DLSS, and yet I am still waiting for people to boycott NVIDIA over the fact that Baldur’s Gate 3, one of the highest selling games of the year does not have support for AMD’s FSR on launch, rather it only supports DLSS for the moment.

Absolutely fucking shameless, but there’s still hope retarded fanboys who want their cancerous proprietary technology in Starfield, a “friendly” modder who goes by the name PureDark will be looking to modify Starfield and incorporate “DLSS” into the game for only a small fee.

Because that’s the shit you deserve, to be extorted for your desires of lucrative premium single vendor garbage, considering how Starfield doesn’t come backed with cancerous DENUVO DRM, NVIDIA users may opt to instead pirate the game out of malice and instead donate $5 to PureDark’s Patreon to be supplied with his upcoming DLSS mod for the game.