Hate Speech is now more criminally offensive in the eyes of Microsoft than those who cheat in online video games.

Microsoft have announced a new revised “strike system” for their XBOX Live service which according to them aims to “educate players about enforcement” but we all know this is to do with forced compliance of acceptance and tolerance.

The whole concept of gaming has changed radically since the times of XBOX Live parties and hilarious voice chats, it’s in a bizarre almost comatose like state where big releases from massive companies have sub-par releases, an underpowered handheld with hardware from 2014 dominates the sales charts, edgy teens have been replaced by soy infused whimps, mobile games have skyrocketed in popularity, driven entirely by bouncing anime boobies and their gacha mechanics.

Online gaming used to be a hotbed of rants and racism, XBOX Live being no different a decade ago, you take a bunch of young adults and adolescents and throw them into a competitive game with others who also have microphones, naturally insults and slurs were always going to be thrown around like they were worthless.

That to me was the fun to be had with online gaming back in the day. But obviously times have changed and now uttering one of the alleged “gamer words” will see to it that you’re entire livelihood comes crashing down as feminists will see to it that your name and home address are doxed and that you’re fired from your current occupation.

Much like how some countries around the world have increased the total amount of demerit points licensed individuals have, all that’s really equated to is the increased amount of times you’re caught speeding before having your licensed suspended, which basically means the total amount of times you are fined has been increased, the system makes more money off you before taking away your driving privileges.

Microsoft are now going gung-ho with its new barbaric enforcement system focusing entirely on verbal insults between players with the dreadful hate speech being the most heinous act a person can commit on XBOX Live.

All in the name of pacifying paying customers in a bid to ensure and enforce that XBOX Live is a safe and welcoming environment for people of all sorts, whether they be toddlers or sexually identify as a type of parrot. Everyone is welcomed by XBOX, and if you’re not welcoming of others you’re getting banned, bigot.

Players can receive a total of 8 “strikes” against them, with each strike expiring within a six month window, those with cumulative active strikes against their account will be suspended for an increasing amount of time, with an eighth active strike resulting in a whole years ban.

And according to Microsoft, using obscene profanity results in a single strike against a users account, which is the same as being banned for cheating. While sexuality inappropriate slurs and actions results in a two point strike.

Two points will also be added to an individual if they are reported for “harassment” or “bullying” while dreadful hate speech will result in a monumental three strike tally, which goes to show just how fucked our current societal standards are.

Cheating and ruining the game for others results in a singular point violation, while ushering racial slurs / “gamer words” is three times as scrutinized by the eyes of Microsoft.

Such punishments are obviously to serve as a lesson for those who choose to pay money buying a console and then paying an additional fee on top of that in order to play their video games online with others, hacking is seen as a minor infraction while name calling and insulting others will see to it that you quickly increase your suspension tally.

Because political correctness matters most of all when it comes to the authentic online gaming experience.