White NPCs hate White NPC mods.

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression have seemingly lost their meaning over the past couple years, nobody in the current age has ever had true freedom of speech as its definition changes by the day regarding what we can and cannot say and or do.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the hot topic of the moment, the RPG title that has been in development for six years, and is essentially a woke and inclusive current year reskin of Divinity 2, except worse in every way.

So naturally, it’s possibly one of the highest selling video games of the year, with the game maintaining a Steam player count of hundreds of thousands each and every day, which of course just cements how insanely popular beastiality has become, considering how the game shamelessly allows you to have intercourse with a druid in a bear form.

Ain’t that just fucking wholesome.

Majority of the characters dialogue comes off as being poorly written and cringey, that the characters themselves are voiced by amateurs, quite a lot of the players play favorites towards the demonic hellscape of “Karlach” for romancing.

Her actual dialogue is so goddamn cringey, poorly executed and unrealistic it genuinely feels as if I am watching a Nickelodeon romcom.

Anyways, game mods are lucrative and immensely popular when it comes to these open world RPG titles, but of course in the current year some “heinous” game modifications are demonized as being sexist and or racist, these mods typically alter a characters appearance to make them more enticing for their own enjoyment and others.

Nude mods, costume altercations are many such mods, however feminist brigades absolutely loath such mods because how dare people want female characters in their fictional video games to be more feminine in appearance and far easier on the eyes than modern depictions of what is considered to be a woman in modern gaming.

However things change radically when it comes to game mods that alter the characters appearance in other ways, such as by making a characters skin tone either lighter or darker, because of course people want to rush to the notion of racial inclusivity and representation in video games and other media, however liberal feminists go about in seeking such diversity by condemning the White race entirely.

Plenty game mods for many games allow the player to alter the skin color of White characters and making them darker in skin tone, this is universally allowed and praised, but if we were to go about it in the opposite direction and slightly lighten the skin pigment of a darker / tanned fictional character, well that’s just pure racism in action apparently.

Such as the Tifandra mod for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Ashley Dark Skin mod for Resident Evil 4 Remake

The so called “Practical” Female Armors mod which aims to desexualize clothing and armors for female characters within Skyrim.

And many, many more.

To the right individual these mods provide additional enjoyment to the allegedly not deranged individual, it’s okay and acceptable to have such mods catering to such fragile people, but if you were to sexualize and or make a video games character appearance more White that’s simply frowned upon and such mods will be removed swiftly.

Why do I mention such sheer hypocrisy?

Well a game mod for Baldur’s Gate 3 titled “Alternate Wyll Origin Appearance” was uploaded to the Nexusmods platform and was swiftly removed.

The character of Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a companion to the player, his appearance is that of a black man with a cornrow hair style, but of course if you went with the notion that all game mods should be welcomed makes you a radical far-right extremist. And what the “Alternate Wyll Origin Appearance” did was change the appearance of Wyll’s hair and skin color and made him White.

Now this obviously enhances the experience for some individuals while of course because it’s black to white that means it’s absolutely heinous and racist, some people might find the concept of mediaeval cornrows to be immersion breaking, who knows. I maintain the notion of freedom of speech because either it’s all okay or none of it is, it’s not right to stand here and allow individuals to totally rectify fictional characters by making them uglier or darker in skin color if people are not allowed to the complete opposite.

People aren’t allowed to freely express themselves anymore, or modify the game that better suits their own tastes and preferences for personal enjoyment, because that now makes you a fascist according to the loud majority of individuals kicking and screaming that you’re only allowed to do things their way, enforcing their tyrannical will and beliefs upon others. You’re the fascist and feminists are our salvation.

The mods themselves only affect those who actually fucking download them, you are not forced to endorse, download and install game mods that you yourself do not want in your game, though not like that fucking matters now does it? These deranged bastards will still cry wolf, given how much they adore Baldur’s Gate 3 they might in fact try and court the wolf instead.

Reminds me of the time where people were up in arms about some in-game pride flags being replaced by the American flag in Marvel’s Spider-Man, sparked so much outrage that did that mods platforms had to intervene and ban any such notion that goes against the far left’s ideals.

Because apparently this sort of stuff crosses the line and makes things political, all because avid gamers want to see themselves better represented in a video game regardless of whatever race they happen to be.

And yet it’s perfectly okay for feminists all over the world literally insert themselves into infamous rolls in media and film such as with HBO’s Velma series or Mariko Tamaki inserting herself as Starfire’s overweight emo daughter in the “I Am Not Starfire” book.

It’s perfectly okay when media seemingly swaps the race of prominent characters from White to Black so that their design could be more “relatable” and “down to earth” like April O’Neils radical redesign in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie, but if you reversed the races it then instantly becomes problematic and nobody should be allowed to create, encourage or download such obvious hate filled modifications, simply because they go against their own personal beliefs.

Black washing isn’t racist but white washing most certainly is, you’re not allowed to enjoy things the way you want, bigot.