Do you like money? Well Techland, former developers of the Dead Island franchise and the Dying Light spiritual successors clearly likes money too.

The history that revolves around Dying Light is a convoluted one, Techland left the Deep Silver fold to create a game in their own image free from creative restrictions, their efforts, Dying Light was a modest game. It was neither bad nor exceptional, the core mechanics that people have come to familiarize themselves with their previous Dead Island entries were refined however the weak spot for Dying Light was its lackluster story and plot.

Over the years, Techland has taken many steps back with the sequel to Dying Light, with Dying Light 2 having several delays during its development, initially announced back in 2018 with a supposed release date for March – May 2020, the game never actually launched until February 2022.

The development of Dying Light 2 wasn’t the only problem, the initial vision had also been compromised as Techland fired Chris Avellone, lead writer, back in June of 2020 following FALSIFIED sexual misconduct allegations made against Avellone in a pitiful attempt to cancel the man out of the industry of which feminists had succeeded in doing.

From announcement to its untimely release, Dying Light 2 had changed in several areas, most prominently being the obvious racial swap of Lawan, making her black as opposed to her initial depiction of White.

Never mind that the game was a complete disappointment and a step down from the previous entry, the game is chockers full of individuals of color despite being set in Europe.

Techland however feels as if they could milk more money from their fledging franchise through the introduction of microtransactional content (MTX) inside the open world zombie slashing story driven game.

Update 1.12 brought many fixes towards gameplay and co-op, it also introduced a brutality setting for those who decide to play a gruesome post-apocalyptic game featuring monsters and zombies but for some reason gets squeamish over the blood and guts, now Dying Light 2 can be enjoy with the whole family ages 2 and up with “full, limited and minimum” brutality options present in the game.

Oh yeah, and update 1.12 essentially boils down to Techland bending over its paying customers and going to town.

Not even kidding, a story centric open world pseudo “RPG” game now incorporates microtransactions and in-game currency, with the game not only incorporating a ridiculous crossover with another franchise that has fallen from grace, Payday, players can now spend real life money in exchange for “DL Points” so that they can buy retarded in-game bundles that include cosmetical outfits alongside unique and new weapons to use in-game.

It’s bad enough that Techland are trying to shoehorn in cancerous microtransactions into a game that was sold at full price to customers only to bend them over a year later once the money dried up, but owners of Dying Light 2 will receive 500 DL Points for absolutely free!

Why is this hilarious you ask? Only because the cheapest bundles in their garbage store, costs 550 DL Points.

There are some bundles that you can purchase for just 450 DL Points, however these bundle packs are merely recycled content that are months old by this point, thanks Techland!

So how much do DL Points cost exactly? To actually be able to buy literally any fucking bundle that isn’t recycled trash, you’re forced to at least spend $5 USD for 500 DL Points, so by using a little bit of mathematics you can technically try and argue that one dollar equals 100 points.

What a fucking bargain.

Obviously like a dirty whore Techland really wants you to spend more money with increasing bonus amounts of DL Points the more you open your wallet, with the largest purchase option being the $50 bundle that gives you an additional $15 worth of in-game currency to waste on buying stupid fucking cosmetics for a game that hovers around 4,000 daily players on Steam almost two years after release.

Naturally, players are not happy with Techland’s desperate bullshit as they are now rushing to outlets such as Steam to leave a flurry of negative reviews to voice their frustrations towards a company that clearly doesn’t give a fuck about its fanbase.

Obviously this desperate tactic isn’t entirely Techland’s fault, considering how the cancerous Chinese conglomerate known only as Tencent has a majority stake in the company, so it’s understandable how Tencent would be forcing Techland’s hand in milking what few players remain. This obviously attributes to Techland selling out to the Chinese so in all honesty they are both to blame and both can fuck off and die for all I care.