I’m sure that The Act Man is smiling with glee about this.

Or rather, the piece of shit actually dared to deny such allegations before being swiftly patrolled by Twitter’s community notes.

So yeah, from the title you can pretty much gather that NexusMods, the largest collection of PC game mods has started removing specific mods that disrupt the current agenda from Bethesda’s latest RPG release, Starfield.

Nexus have already cemented themselves as being the most woke and inclusive game modding platform, despite the fact that they alongside the likes of GameBanana were quick to put their feet down regarding the infamous Marvel’s Spider-Man Pride Flag fiasco, where a mod that replaced in-game pride flags with American flags made waves and disrupted the internet.

NexusMods hastily went into complete damage control over the fact that such a problematic mod was dared hosted on their service with a post titled “Flag Mods and Us” that essentially boils down to “we are going to ban everything and anything that’s deemed problematic and disrupts the enforcement of progressive ideology and gender pandering with no exceptions.

And they are owning up to their new Marxist ideals through the removal of a mod for Starfield that removes in-game pronoun selections from the character customization screen.

It’s all too common now in modern video games where nothing can simply be black and white, female and male, to simply have in a character customization screen that you can have a character be either a man or a woman is derogatory and offensive, so to save face game developers have since been pushing gender neutral definitions such as “Body Type A” and “Body Type B” choice options, or the inclusion to customize your character further by having the appearance of a woman and the voice of a man.

Pronouns however are a relatively new inclusion, rather than selecting male or female in Bethesda’s Starfield you can now individualize your character further by adjusting their pronouns from He/Him, She/Her and They/Them for non-binary folk.

And would you have guessed that people don’t like this political pandering bullshit forced down their throats in entertainment and media?

Shocking concept I know, I mean it literally did lead to a homophobic man-child saving face by attacking an individual who took issue to the games gender identity politics, but folks are now creating mods to remove such pronouns from the game itself and mod hosting platforms are shutting them down and turning them away with brute force.

The mod titled “Remove Pronoun selection in character creation” has been under so called “moderation” for a couple days now and will more than likely be removed.

Another submission of the same exact thing, this one simply called “No Pronouns” was outright deleted.

At least for the time being you can procure the No Pronouns mod here.

Extract files to game directory, then open StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\My Games\Starfield and add the following: [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal=

Extremists are of course lamenting over the fact that individuals dare defy against their senseless pronoun ideology, because of course upon first revelation that something has political pandering it’s then deemed “small” and “insignificant”, where the likes of The Act Man will bitch and beg that you “get over it incel” because it’s just a little thing that has virtually zero importance or impact upon the game itself.

But then for someone to go and disrupt the inclusivity with such mods that remove said pronouns, suddenly Leftists all over start screeching because that small and insignificant thing cannot be defied or altered because then that becomes problematic sparking a so called “trans genocide”.

Because these fucking people seemingly have to have it their own way every single time, if you give them an inch they’ll take the whole mile and kill you, there’s no such fucking thing as a “trans genocide”. All it boils down to is increasing restrictions for average users to kneel down towards what society considers to be “progress”, as our rights continually get taken away we are only allowed to be submissive and accept our own demise.

Really nice of NexusMods and other heinous corrupt platforms to condone and permit senseless and vulgar sexual themed mods for just about everything, Nexus is literally awash with dicks and tits, be those mods targeting heterosexuals or homosexuals, there’s thousands of sexual mods catering to all crowds but suddenly it becomes controversial and too problematic to feature modifications that remove minute details such as gender pronouns.

Fuck Nexus Mods and the cancerous hypocrisy of those who defend their actions.