Fatherless behavior strikes again.

To celebrate the one year release anniversary of Bayonetta 3, Platinum Games made the unfortunate mistake of sharing artwork depicting Bayonetta herself, alongside Luka Redgrave with their young daughter.

Naturally, Twitter users got ahold of this artwork depicting a heterosexual family with Bayonetta and they were outraged, because everything in the world revolves around them, their pronouns and their sexuality. Throughout the entire franchise these people were desperate to validate their own headcanon of Bayonetta herself being a lesbian.

I’m more outraged that the artwork is far better than the actual game itself, considering the vast downgrade regarding Bayonetta’s feminine appearances from the first installment to the third, where she had went through a supposed “tomboy” phase in the second game only to regain a more feminine hairstyle for the third installment just to have her facial features downgraded instead.

But obviously, to those who were brought up in a dysfunctional family themselves, the depictions of wholesome straight couples (with kids) is perhaps the most sickening thought to the pronoun brigade, which is absolutely hysterical once you consider the fact that Bayonetta had always been depicted as straight throughout the franchise.

A whole swarm of Twitter users flocked to the QRTs to voice their garbage opinions on the matter of a straight character being depicted as straight in official artwork when their narcissistic headcanon totally had Bayonetta pegged as a strong independent lesbian.

The depiction of a nuclear family resulted in the inclusive fanbase of Bayonetta to reach its boiling point.

It’s totally normal for individuals to throw a tantrum over mere artwork of a young heterosexual family, with many pronoun Twitter users sharing their “disgust” and “hatred” for the artwork in question, posting threats of violence and declarations of suicide.

Because of her character design and flirtatious nature, depraved fans were insistent on her being a lesbian, despite canonically being otherwise, it’s one thing for these people to feel repulsed over wholesome depictions of families but some even go even as far as to compare happy families to softcore pornography.

Simply because pornography is all they genuinely have to validate their headcanon, though I’m quite shocked to discover the crowd of people who continually spouted “PORN ADDICT” as some sort of insult to those who prove them wrong were in fact projecting this entire time.

Because these individuals simply envy what they don’t have, a functional and supportive family of their own, which is why they are merely outraged over straight couples existing and having children which is now apparently seen as taboo in their own eyes.