Matthew Perry, better known for his role as Chandler in the 1990’s sitcom “Friends” mysteriously died at his Los Angeles home, he was aged 54.

Emergency services arrived at his residence around 4 p.m., where they found him unresponsive, the actor was once notorious as being a frequent enjoyer of road sodas and special substances (drugs and alcohol) and fortunately no drugs were present at the scene of which it was reported that Matthew had drowned in a freak hot tub accident.

Why is this important on such a audacious tech / gaming website? It’s a little lesser known fact for majority of people but Matthew Perry gave his voice to play the part of “Benny” in Fallout New Vegas, one of the greatest RPG games of all time.

His one and only performance in the video game landscape, with New Vegas quickly becoming a timeless cult classic, his one and only performance was memorable in such a critically acclaimed title.

But why did he die?

Reports claim he drowned in his hot tub inside his own home, but exactly what transpired leading up to his untimely demise, with the once famous actor delving in and out of rehab throughout his earlier years one would probably imagine that drugs or other substances played a role.

He could have easily fell unconscious whilst enjoying a lukewarm soak, or perhaps he could have become another victim of “suddenly”, otherwise known as cardiac arrest.

Matthew Perry was just one of many somewhat famous slash high profile actors of Hollywood to voice his advocacy pressing others into getting their COVID vaccinations, which turned out to be ineffective at actually preventing “COVID” but instead lead to a sudden rise in health problems, especially in children such as Myocarditis and a massive surge in cardiac arrests, strokes and heart attacks.

Mainstream media and the supposed “science” would have you think otherwise against mindless “conspiracy theories” that continually turn out to be true one after the other, that COVID vaccinations haven’t killed a single person, which is why there has only been a tremendous rise in heart related conditions since big pharma pushed these new mRNA vaccines upon the general population.

Maybe there’s just something about these jabs, the fact that Pfizer wanting to withhold clinical trial reports for decades, and the fact that several governments pushed COVID vaccines through state enforced mandates.

But of course when the media reports on it, clearly anything else is to blame, it couldn’t possibly be the COVID vaccines that are causing such a steep (70+ percent) rise in cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks since the start of the pandemic. Good heavens no, it must’ve been eggs and gas stoves that were causing all of these deaths, maybe even COVID itself!

It’s such a shame to lose Matthew Perry at such a tender age of just 54 years, while his actual cause of death may be swept under the rug as having drowned, the most likely scenario is that he became yet another victim of Anthony Fauci.