Modifying games in any way shape or form with third party game mods are as bad as cheating, even in single player games says Capcom.

Capcom have been rather busy these past few days unleashed several developer focused R&D presentations that gloss over their future ambitions and views of the gaming landscape alongside more technical areas such as glossing over their RE Engine and the challenges Capcom’s developers have faced across recently released titles.

For instance, Capcom are working on the next evolution of the RE Engine, dubbed REX.

However the technical leaps and bounds Capcom have made with the RE Engine and subsequent titles developed utilizing the core structure isn’t my main highlight of these R&D Presentations, more rather the main focus would have to be in regards to how Capcom views game piracy, or more specifically their view on game altering modifications.

Capcom have developed a new profound hatred towards individuals modifying their games.

Capcom now considers the utilization of in-game modifications to be as offensive as if you were cheating, are you one of those individuals who installed one of a thousand different modifications that altered Mr. X inside Resident Evil 2’s Remake? Clearly you’re cheating.

Did you want to replace the model of Sheva in Resident Evil 5 with that of Regina from Dino Crisis? That’s too bad.

But obviously, the main utilization of game mods specifically for Capcom titles that people actually give a shit about (Resident Evil) have predominately been alternative models / attires for in-game characters, mainly the protagonist(s) in revealing clothing if not outright pure nudity.

These new crop of Resident Evil titles built on the RE Engine are plagued with scandalous nude mods, for both male and female characters. But of course it doesn’t come as much surprise to find out that leftist only ever have a problem with nude modifications for female characters, men swinging their cocks around is a-okay but god forbid someone wants to gawk at some boobs because then they’d be sexist.

And in Capcom’s eyes, nude mods (for women) equates to a negative ESG score.

Capcom have been focused entirely on boosting their ESG score for several years already at this point, the female characters inside of these new Resident Evil titles have continued to decline in terms of overall femininity and attractiveness, because you don’t have to be a “sexist” beauty icon to be a strong macho heroine or something along that line.

Capcom have been pushing inclusivity and diversity inside their products for several years, they previously made notions regarding how to accurately portray women as more than just “damsels in distress” alongside the inclusion of LGBTQ+ themes and values, of which Street Fighter 6 is quite possibly the most inclusive and censored title that they’ve ever released to date.

Making women look like actual women is a crime according to the hedge fund bubble known as ESG, which you can learn more about HERE.

It hardly comes as much surprise that Capcom are looking to condemn game modifications for their products that would otherwise cause them “reputational damages” because someone decided to make an in-game character more attractive and or appealing.

Capcom are trying to argue in their recent R&D Presentations that game modifications aren’t only just equal to cheating, even in single player only games mind you such as the aforementioned Resident Evil titles that leverage the new RE Engine but that they might “violate public order and morals” too.

I can understand why Capcom would say this, considering how the first thing I am greeted to when I view Resident Evil 4 Remake on Nexus features a plethora of what leftists and freaks would describe as “misogynistic modifications for incels and porn addicts”.

Unwary simpletons might be get confused regarding game mods such as “Fat Ashley” as being a genuine addition to the game made by Capcom as if they implemented the body and physique of a real woman, or your average gaming journalist for that matter.

Capcom are obviously voicing their concerns in regards to the most popular game modifications, all of which target female characters with sexy outfits if not by making them nude outright, in actual fact Capcom have already hit one such modder with a DMCA takedown regarding their 18+ mod for Ashley in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Other high profile victims would undoubtedly include the Resident Evil 4 HD Project, created by Cris Morales, the HD Project is the quintessential way of experiencing the real Resident Evil 4 with a HD revamp.

So obviously, we can look forward to Capcom handing out DMCA takedowns like candy to unsuspecting modders who have the audacity to like women, and in usual double standards fashion as often seen in today’s gaming culture, nude modifications for male characters will more than likely be overlooked entirely because game mods that target fujoshis and homosexuals are a net positive in terms of ESG scoring.

Considering just how WOKE Capcom are as a company, whose global headquarters is positioned inside the cancerous nestle of California, rest assured that “gamers” can look forward to more floppy dongs in future Resident Evil installments free from legal prosecution by Capcom.

Game mods are one of the only few freedoms gamers actually have now, however of course you’re only ever allowed to modify a game so long as it’s the “right way” both socially and politically as we’ve previously seen with Nexus banning the pronoun removal mod for Starfield and the White Wyll mod.

Capcom’s treatment of regarding game modifications as cheating showcases their reluctance to allow users the freedom to modify their games, this R&D Presentation is purely to discourage individuals from modifying future installments less of course they wish to be dealt with a swift DMCA takedown.

The fucking audacity of Capcom to have the opinion that having the ability to edit and modify their games is a negative aspect, users who outright paid money for their product wishing to add additional content are getting the cold shoulder and discriminated against by Capcom.

At this stage the only moral thing to do would be to pirate any and all Capcom games moving forward, if they were to ever invoke anti-piracy measures in an attempt to sway users from modifying retail copies, rest assured that their games will be cracked and that specific cracked copy is what the modding community will utilize to push forth their game modifications.