According to Bloomberg, a greater number of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing funds have closed in 2023 compared to the total number of closures than in the previous three years combined.

What is ESG? Think of it as a corporate cabal of so called “investment funds” that pay executives in other corporations into promoting their leftist centric woke agendas, we’ve discussed ESG in greater length in a previous article but I’ll repeat it again anyway.

Just about every memorable or large corporation in the entertainment industry, this includes the video game sector has what’s called an “ESG processor license”, what this basically means is that malicious executives have made it their focus not to produce products that consumers actually want but instead to push and promote a cancerous political agenda upon the end user for their own monetary benefit.

They are essentially “coerced” into promoting diversity and inclusivity in not only their corporate structure but in the products that they produce, including marketing, advertisements and obviously, video games.

This includes more representation in their product, much akin to how the likes of Netflix will gladly race swap prominent characters in their live action adaptations with black actors, more representation of people of color, of various genders, non-binary, transgender, or like how the now canceled HYENAS’ was set to feature a playable drag queen.

Video game corporations have been pushing ESG agendas for years now and despite the fact the end result almost always ends up being the same, the death of entire franchises such as the SAINTS ROW Reboot, they don’t actually care because for bastardizing feminine women in video games and enforcing the woke standard of “beautiful at any size”, they are merely paid by these funds even if their products are commercial flops.

And thankfully the ESG well that has been poisoning the video games industry looks to be drying up.

The goal? To shun ideologies that go against what ESG funds want, such as feminine women in media entertainment, to replace them with uglier women, the removal of suggestive themes and or outfits, unless of course the game features pro LGBT sexual themes such as The Last of Us and Life is Strange.

The enforcement of pro-LGBT themes and characters and of course Censorship.

Several prominent investment firms, including State Street, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Janus Henderson Group, Hartford Management Group, and others, have closed over two dozen ESG funds this year.

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager so understandably they’d be a prominent “supporter” of ESG, they announced the closure of two “sustainable emerging-market bond funds” with a combined asset value of $55 million.

According to a study highlighted by John Carney, Economics Editor at Breitbart News, it was found that ESG funds demonstrate a tendency to underperform financially in comparison to other funds. Additionally, these funds were found to charge higher fees.

Columbia Threadneedle announced the closure of its ESG fund citing investor feedback and market demand as the contributing factors. Bloomberg recently conducted a survey among its terminal clients, which typically include major banks, hedge funds, and other large financial institutions.

The survey revealed that big investors are increasingly perceiving ESG as an underperforming fad.

Morningstar’s research also reveals that investors have withdrawn more funds from ESG funds in the first half of 2023 than they have invested in them which means that the so called “Environment, Social, and Governance” money laundering scheme is soon to topple like a house of cards.

Which would explain why video game corporations are already taking action as to cutting away at their dead weight such as how the Embracer Group recently shut down Volition and are looking to offload Gearbox Software, SEGA seemingly as a last minute decision outright canceled their WOKE infestation known only as HYENAS.

It’s about as obvious as it can possibly be without outright mentioning it because to say the truth would result in a negative ESG score, not that we really give a shit about that considering video game corporations are no longer getting paid as much as they were previously to push ESG’s ideologies inside of their products.

The losses sustained for producing woke garbage products that only aim to push agendas and identity politics are now outweighing the beneficiary gains of being paid by the ESG firm bubble.

Supporting ESG practices and “doing the right thing” is no longer paying enough to keep the lights on for the likes of Volition and most likely others soon enough, Square Enix is a massive supporter of ESG, which is currently why they’re bleeding money and offloaded their entire western games division to Embracer for pennies.

It’s certainly a coincidence how the likes of Volition being dissolved, SEGA scrapping HYENAS quite literally months before its intended release all coincide with ESG funds collapsing left and right, almost like their ESG score were the only things keeping them alive or something.

Perhaps they should have prioritized producing products to sell to customers rather than producing woke infested piles of shit to gain temporary funding from leftist pseudo investment funds, but even despite ESG collapsing around them I genuinely doubt that these gaming giants will ever do a course correction and reflect upon their own actions by producing products and titles that consumers actually want to buy.

The video game industry is in a dire position, all of the developer talent is gone. they’ve been replaced by unskilled hires and feminists fresh from bootcamp if not outsourcing work to countries such as India.

The creativity from these developers are gone, corporate deadlines are shorter while overall expectations are higher, the complexity of game development has increased exponentially over the past two decades and their general ability has drastically decreased, resulting in not only woke piles of shit made purely for ESG, but garbage video games in general that release unfinished, completely broken, full of bugs and perform like absolute dogshit on PC.

They’re unoptimized, unfun and downright unplayable garbage, and quite honestly you could take away their ESG funding and nothing’s really going to change the actual problems with modern games that the consumer simply doesn’t see, but hey it’s fun to watch the ESG bubble burst in real time.