Stop pre-ordering games you fucking spastics.

Game companies are well aware that consumers strongly dislike intrusive and abusive DRM (digital rights management) tools like DENUVO’s “Anti-Tamper” encrypted system, which has been repeatedly proven to negatively impact system performance during gameplay.

Ultimately harming only those who choose to purchase games instead of pirates who always get the last laugh.

Universal hatred for DENUVO is so severe that people will simply refuse to buy a game out of spite for it containing the invasive DRM solution, which has led to several game developers to seemingly list their games as not containing DENUVO DRM only to do a quick 180 degree turn and incorporate DENUVO merely days before the game is supposed to launch.

Such as we’ve seen previously with Lies of P, which added in DENUVO DRM only three days prior to release, right after giving away tons of review copies to media outlets and influencers with a rendition of the game that did not contain the invasive DRM solution.

However UBISOFT, a cancerous corporation well known for their fantastic consumer reception and treatment of their consumers, have decided to go above and beyond in bending over their own fanbase by incorporating DENUVO DRM inside of Assassin’s Creed Mirage in a day one game patch.

This comes as no surprise for a company as gutless as Ubisoft, who have been preaching about diversity and the LGBTQ+ community, support for women, an ecological environmental initiative to “go green” by refusing carbon emissions only for corporate executives to force themselves upon female employees.

It’s now common practice for developers to unleash DENUVO’s DRM solution at the last minute to avoid media scrutiny and consumer backlash, it’s another thing entirely to thrust it upon audiences in a day one game update right after all the media outlets uploaded their reviews, Ubisoft does have a long history of utilizing DENUVO DRM in conjunction with VMProtect.

DENUVO Anti-Tamper actually does more harm in terms of overall loss of sales than piracy ever could.

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Due to this collaborative effort to fuck over paying customers, Ubisoft titles, specifically Assassin’s Creed Origins is one of the worst showcases in terms of overall performance loss and induced stuttering (due to multilayer DRM) that showcases serious stability and performance gains when DRM is removed.

This isn’t even anything new either, Ubisoft had the patience to wait an entire month before peddling XP Boost microtransactions inside of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as a means of “saving time” by purchasing in-game XP boosts for real life cash, cutting down your grind time by half.

So once again, it does not surprise me that Ubisoft would bend over their paying loyalists by introducing DENUVO after journalist reviews go live as apart of a day one update POST launch.

Yet another shady tactic employed by Ubisoft to manipulate journalist outlets into providing more positive reviews for their increasingly mediocre and repetitive installments of the only franchise that they have that actually manages to sell.

Especially if you’re the kind of retard who loves to throw obscene amounts of money buying the most miserable piles of slop possible, Ubisoft has teamed up with a provocative company called “OWO” allowing consumers to quote-on-quote “feel the assassin” by purchasing a Assassin’s Creed Mirage commemorative jacket offering “exclusive sensations” never felt before with any other form of clothing item, I guess it’s made of man-made fibers.

Because when it comes to Ubisoft and specifically Ubisoft games on UPlay, you own absolute jack shit. Ubisoft have gone on record for effectively shutting down online services for games such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Brotherhood alongside Far Cry 3. So the online servers are down but you can still play the games right?

That’s where you’re wrong, if you’re a big enough idiot to have bought these such games with additional DLC content, you are effectively locked out of your own single player downloadable content packs, as you need to access the Online servers for authentication of your digital licenses.

It’s a moral obligation to pirate Ubisoft’s garbage, not that you’d actually want to considering how every single one of their games are fake “RPG”s that usually end up as a boring button mashing open world collect-a-thon.

Sadly you’re going to be waiting awhile to pirate Assassin’s Creed Mirage, given how EMPRESS refuses to get off his fat arse until paypig simps give him $500 to crack a specific title.