The Unity Engine has increasingly become more and more irrelevant as Epic Games’ and their Unreal Engine continues advancements in support and technological abilities, especially with the release of UE5.

Evermore there’s also increasing competition for wannabe indie developers in the form of the Godot engine, while not as technologically capable as either Unreal or Unity, the Godot engine is a surprisingly capable engine that weighs in at only a couple hundred megabytes in total let alone the fact that Godot is completely free and will remain free.

The same cannot be said about the Unity engine, who have just announced possibly the most anti-consumer and cancerous form of action against smaller developers as a form of free PR to use either Unreal or Godot instead.

Or perhaps maybe not Godot considering how they are notoriously WOKE, as the company themselves are far left and promote censorship inside of their Code of Conduct which prohibits offensive and or problematic content from games developed with Godot. Pity.

While the Unity engine will still technically be free for single developer operations, Unity have spontaneously decided to alter their longstanding terms and agreement with customers, and what altercation have Unity made specifically? Well obviously in terms of pricing alongside additional fees, the money hungry cunts.

Unity has faced significant challenges over the past 18 months. In May, they laid off 600 staff members and closed half of their offices. Additionally, in January, nearly 300 more employees were laid off.

Last year, Unity received heavy criticism for their merger with ironSource, a company that gained notoriety for creating a malware installer in 2015.

Starting from January 1, 2024, Unity will introduce a new fee called the “Unity Runtime Fee,” which developers will be required to pay each time a game is installed.

Nope, not making this up, small indie studios will now be forced to pay a fee to Unity in accordance of how many installations of their game they manage to obtain, quite possibly the most retarded business decision that a tech company has deployed.

And to top it all off, Unity Personal will now become an always online extension requiring a constant internet connection to use the application along with mandatory logins to the Unity Hub.

Once a game surpasses certain revenue and install count thresholds, the new “Unity Runtime Fee” will be applicable. For users of Unity Personal (free) and Unity Plus, the thresholds are set at $200,000 in revenue over the past 12 months and 200,000 lifetime installs. After surpassing these thresholds, developers will be required to pay Unity a fee of 20 cents per install. The thresholds and per-install fees vary for higher cost versions of Unity, with higher thresholds and lower fees.

You as a solo developer may never actually manage to reach $200K in revenue from your project, and frankly I don’t give a shit. This new business model from Unity is beyond heinous and serves as a great advertisement for you to pack your bags and develop on another engine, one that isn’t proactively trying to fuck you.

Bigger games made by ACTUAL indie developers will be cucked the most, as those with a Unity Pro license which starts from over $2,000 per year, you will only be allowed to generate a million dollars revenue from your Unity based game over the course of a singular year, going over that revenue threshold will see to it that you will pay Unity 15 cents per additional install up to 100,000.

Coincidentally prior to the announcement of this heinous monthly scheme, John Riccitiello, President and CEO of Unity Software sold 2,000 shares of Unity in a move that totally wasn’t premeditated insider trading.

And because Unity are so goddamn generous with their cancerous schemes, this new pricing model also applies retroactively across older games that were developed using Unity whether you like it or not.

Nobody is excited about the announcement, obviously, in fact about as angry as you’d expect them to be, with developers coming out of left field to criticize Unity, such as Garry Newman, known best for his work on Garry’s Mod and Rust expressing his discomfort with the new model as it can be used as a weapon against smaller studios who’ve exceeded the threshold as it isn’t made perfectly clear if installing a game, uninstalling said game and reinstalling the game counts as two separate instances of a game being installed.

Brandon Sheffield, the director at Necrosoft Games, the studio behind the upcoming Persona-inspired SRPG Demonschool, has expressed discouragement towards the use of Unity and raised concerns about potential abuse of the system by users constantly uninstalling and reinstalling games.

George Broussard, co-founder of 3D Realms, strongly criticized Unity, stating that they’ve fucked every single small indie developer who wanted to maintain a professional appearance without the Unity splash screen.

In July of 2022, Unity CEO, John Riccitiello had called developers who were against monetization during the developmental process of their games as being “some of the biggest fucking idiots” around.

John Riccitiello has had a long tenured career, he was previously the CEO of EA Games, running EA into the ground among several smaller studios by absorbing them and butchering their intellectual property, he lands himself a cushy job as the CEO of Unity, who since joined up with a Malware developer in the form of IronSource, during this time Unity waits for several successful games to have been made using the Unity engine for “free” before swiftly binning the notion of a “free” Unity plan.

Now there’s a cancerous install based dev-to Unity fee per game, shifting Unity Plus subscriptions into Unity Pro while retroactively enforcing this new standard upon older Unity based games still on the market.

Games such as Genshin Impact, which has garnered billions of dollars in MTX revenue for MiHoYo and has over 66 million downloads to date as of August 2023, Unity are obviously looking to extort developers such as MiHoYo by retroactively pushing them into this heinous fee based business model which will generate millions of dollars for Unity from MiHoYo as they easily exceed even the Unity Enterprise threshold for installations and revenue.

Not kidding, Unity are forcefully transitioning Unity Plus subscriptions to a Unity Pro subscription unbeknownst to them, costing several times more per year, this is criminal.

Trust us bro.

Installations are also calculated from Unity’s own in-application tracker, curtesy of their Malware peddling conspirators in IronSource which as you’d guess isn’t disabled when a Unity game is pirated, so now you can look forward to the world’s first instance of piracy leading to lost revenue as not only do repeated installations count towards a games threshold but pirated copies can also do so as well.

Malicious actors can simply gain the system by constantly uninstalling and reinstalling future Unity titles, great, can’t wait to see the aftermath of that.

Thanks John Riccitiello, I genuinely wish someone blows your fucking head off you piece of goddamn shit.

Good thing he sold some more shares right before this announcement, because Unity for indie development projects is good as dead at this point and I will piss on its grave.