Remember the time where people got uppity simply because someone removed the pronoun gender options inside Starfield? How the left and liberal parasites demonized the mod as being transphobic and that “right wing gamers” were crying over “literally nothing”? Well have I got just the right game mod for you.

Are you one of those violent marxists types who cannot comprehend partial female nudity, who also fails to establish and build new friendships because you’re going to die alone and miserable? Well the wait is over as the absolute worst kinds of people can now experience Persona 4 Golden with the “Remove Cringe Events” mod.

This game mod for Persona 4 Golden takes the core game and essentially rapes it, coughing up a worthless husk to cater towards sensitive gamers who otherwise consider friendship and women to be problematic.

The creator, AnimatedSwine dubs the Remove Cringe Events mod as removing in-game events such as the Hot Springs visit, the cross dressing beauty pageant which is clearly offensive and derogatory towards individuals who are transgender, the School Camp Trip because slice of life elements in my school simulator are disruptive and immoral.

We sensitive gamers shouldn’t be forced by ATLUS into establishing friendly relations with our fellow classmates in game, building friendships is sick, disgusting and absolutely fascist.

Which is also why the Group Cafe Date was removed as well, can you imagine high school students going out on a group date at a cafe? This is LITERALLY pedophilia, those are children you sick freak.

Glad to see that leftoids are perfectly okay with cutting out core elements of Persona 4 for the sake of catering to audiences of delusional nutcases that loath Japanese media with a burning passion, but god forbid you take out the “subtle” inclusion of worthless in-game pronoun selections and the whole internet wants you dead. Nexusmods, Moddb and Gamebanana all came forward and banned the pronoun removal mod for Starfield by the way.

Character development and relationship building is vile, we must remove such components from these games so that those who absolutely despise Japanese games can finally feel welcomed in our community, only Nazis would gatekeep us fine individuals from removing problematic content from “hecking” wholesome games like Persona.

I can see why leftists would consider this to be “cringe”, “problematic” and “transphobic”, can you?

Which is fucking hilarious considering that Persona 4 Golden is really a garbage rendition of the original game that adds in additional content that bastardizes the male party members while propping up the female members as being “more put together” overall making the Persona 4 cast unlikeable due to their constant banter and bickering.

And we must not forgot exactly the type of scum fucks ATLUS hired to localize Persona 4 Golden.

It’s not censorship, it’s just now catered to a wider audience of cancerous people who absolutely hate Persona, because the original Persona 4 was full of mean spirited antics that would flare up my own insecurities.

Despite the fact that Persona 4 Golden features something called a “skip button” that with a simple press of a button skips any scene you don’t particularly like, allowing you to basically zip through the entire game or every time Teddie opens its mouth.

Why should a role playing game contain role playing? What if I have no friends and absolutely cringe at the mere thought of interacting with a person with a female reproductive system? I’m literally quaking in my boots just thinking about it, all such content should be removed. If I can’t make friends then you shouldn’t be able to do so either.

And obviously by the logic of websites such as Gamebanana, Nexusmods and Moddb, the “Remove Cringe Events” mod should be banned simply because of the fact that I, as a heterosexual male, don’t like it as my sexuality is being specifically targeted by the creator, AnimatedSwine.