Crunchyroll continues to demonstrate just how much of a detestable company they truly are.

I’m literally so goddamn shocked that a subscription service that was originally founded on the basis of pirating anime, only to “legitimize” themselves by hiring asinine translators pushing their own agenda and have since been monopolized anime in the west since being bought out by Sony would end up illegally stealing customer data.

I really had no idea, I wish there were some red flags warning us of this unforeseen circumstances!

No but seriously, Crunchyroll are a cancerous company first and foremost, they absolutely despise anime, especially when they hire pieces of shit like Katrina Leonoudakis.

Crunchyroll make it their priority to provide anime to sensitive western “tourists” with purposefully fudged localized dubs and subs if not outright censoring their own broadcast make anime more tolerable and less “problematic” to western audiences as they pay homage to Pokemon and their jelly filled onigiri.

Though I do believe every single one of these pricks should have their faces caved in with a frying pan.

If you’re a fan of anime it’s only natural to hate Funimation, Crunchyroll and Sony, these companies are genuinely a parasite on the media that they themselves provide and monopolize.

So it comes as no surprise when Sony Pictures Entertainment and Crunchyroll opted to settle outside of court regarding a class action lawsuit of Crunchyroll violating the United States’ Video Privacy Protection Act by disclosing personal information of their subscribers to third party companies.

In September 2022, a class action lawsuit was filed by Beltran and several others in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

But of course both Crunchyroll and Sony deny any wrongdoing, because giant mega corporations dealing in tens of millions of sensitive customer info sheets would never do something so mischievous such as selling confidential data, instead they opted to settle the matter outside of court “to avoid uncertainties and expenses” if the class action were to be pressed even further.

So, what’s the verdict? Clearly Crunchyroll and Sony were absolutely guilty of something, which is why they are now flipping the bill to the tune of around $30 eligible to EVERY SINGLE subscriber inside the United States.

I’m not kidding.

If you’re a subscriber, firstly what the fuck is wrong with you? Secondly, fill out this claim form and submit it here by December 12th 2023 and you’ll be entitled to financial compensation.

$30 for a class action settlement is astronomically high, though I would’ve much preferred it if Crunchyroll as a whole were banned inside the United States entirely, that would really benefit the anime industry as a whole as battle shounen tourists would probably fuck off and die.

NVIDIA had previously settled a class action lawsuit to the tune of $30 to affected users who were scammed into buying the “4GB” GTX 970, which was actually segmented into 3.5GB and 512 MB segments as a “spill-over”, never mind how the revelation of NVIDIA lying to their customers didn’t change the fact that the GTX 970 still managed to sell by the droves and neither did consumers opt into buying the vastly superior 8GB Radeon R9 390 either.

So for Sony and Crunchyroll to flip the bill to a similar magnitude as NVIDIA for every single subscriber inside the United States, they’ve clearly done some heinous illegal bullshit. Anyone who continues to support their garbage platform that originated as a pirated streaming site mind you, deserve to be removed from the gene pool.

After witnessing this clusterfuck can you even consider Crunchyroll subscribers as anything more than subhuman?