At this point Sony have more consoles than actual exclusives.

Sony Interactive Entertainment have been extremely busy these past couple of months, announcing the pile of shit known only as the new “PSP” which allows players to stream their PS5 console to a portable handheld device, only that it must be connected to the same WiFi connection as the main system itself, that’ll be $200.

Over 3,000 retards bought that miserable pile of e-waste by the way.

Then they hiked up PlayStation Plus subscription rates by around ~35% while providing no additional benefit in comparison to XBOX’s Game Pass library as to why you’d consider buying PS+ (Essential, Extra or Premium).

And now finally they’ve gone and revised their PlayStation 5 console once again for what’s more than likely the fourth time since its initial release by announcing the PlayStation 5 “Slim”.

How about announcing some actual games instead?

This November, Sony is set to launch the new PS5 Slim, targeting the most gullible PlayStation enthusiasts. According to the company, the PS5 Slim boasts a remarkable reduction in overall volume by more than 30% and a weight reduction of over 18% and comes with a marginally increased storage capacity of just 1TB.

Sony has made several adjustments to the PS5, resulting in a slight reduction in height by 33 mm (1.25 inches) and a narrower width by 44 mm (1.73 inches) with the revised console shedding around 1.3 kg (approximately 3 pounds) of weight.

When the PlayStation 5 originally released it was eventually discovered to being this overheating monstrosity of a console, with the console consuming the most amount of wattage of any previous generation Sony console alongside the poor ventilation from its sleek yet impractical enclosure.

Sony have actually made several revisions of the PlayStation 5 unbeknownst to consumers since 2020, most notably reducing the size, weight and effectiveness of the heatsink design of the PS5.

With far fewer aluminum fins and copper heat pipes, Sony’s many revisions to the PlayStation 5 console have drastically lowered the overall effectiveness and cooling capacity of the console, on the upside the weight savings from using less precious metals means a far cheaper console to produce.

With CFI-1202 PlayStation 5 models, the board itself had been redesigned to be smaller than previous revisions, alongside a solid drop in power consumption, that’s simply due to the fact that the AMD SoC had been shrunk onto the more dense and efficient TSMC 6nm process which the company claims to provide an 18% increase in density over their 7nm processing node.

Slightly more expensive per wafer but overall the size reductions do theoretically mean more chips pass quality control and therefore can be utilized, effectively “reducing” PlayStation 5 production costs even further, plus with the benefit of having a drop in power consumption means Sony don’t need such extravagant cooling solutions which translates to increased profit margins per unit sold.

So, have Sony been passing on their savings towards the consumer? Nope. Would you really expect a cancerous company like Sony to actually play favor towards their customer base? Considering how SIE abandoned Japan in favor of San Francisco that pretty much says it all really.

While the production costs for the PlayStation 5 were dropping Sony actually increased the prices for the system. Blame “inflation” all you goddamn want I know exactly what they are doing, it’s a coincidence how they’ve only recorded record PlayStation profits since hiking up the system price in 2022.

Take a good look at this graph, it’s mighty colorful isn’t it? Sony made $8.297 Billion in hardware sales throughout fiscal year 2022, as opposed to $5.252 Billion the year prior.

Now this is obviously skewed a bit considering how there were more overall console sales throughout FY22 but considering how Sony have been adamant in dropping system production costs, a near 60% increase in HARDWARE revenue alone pretty much says it all doesn’t it.

All the while Sony made slightly less money from their lackluster first party console “exclusives” of which have since been ported to PC.

So with the new PlayStation 5 Slim console, it’s shorter, it’s thinner, it weighs even more and probably will continue to overheat, but will Sony finally be dropping their prices with this revised Slim model as they have done prior with previous PlayStation consoles?


In fact Sony are going to town with consumers, in fact they’re increasing the prices for their heinous digital PlayStation 5 systems by $50 and you’ll need to buy a $30 piece of plastic if you want to lay your console down on its side.

PlayStation fanatics can look forward to paying the same price tag for the standard system with this smaller and less bulky refresh, $500 USD, €550 EUR, £480 GBP, $800 AUD.

But the Digital Edition without a disk drive? Which initially launched for $400 back in 2020 will now fetch $450 USD on store shelves, €450 EUR and £390 GBP. Better still Sony loves you so goddamn much they’ve given you the option of expanding your PS5 system at a later date to include its Blu-Ray optical disc drive, that’s right, you can now look forward to getting fucked buying a worthless digital console for more money than the previous revision but now Sony are selling you the disc drive separately.

For $80 USD (€120 EUR / £100 GBP / ¥11,980 yen).

Oh and by the way, the disc drive add-on is only compatible with these brand new revised units that are set to release in November. This entire “Slim” revision is nothing short of a cash grab, a massive fuck you to consumers all over the goddamn world. The PlayStation 5 is underpowered compared to the other port system, the XBOX Series X all while their service subscription, PlayStation Plus vastly pales in comparison to Microsoft’s Game Pass (which works on PC).

The system has no real exclusive titles after three entire years, everything of value has either been ported to PC from day one or eventually landed on PC after a handful of months, never mind the fact that those ported titles are bland and uninspired story driven button mashers like God of War, but at least we have Astro’s Playroom.

Sony are once again nickel-and-diming their gullible audience of retarded gamers but that doesn’t matter, retarded consumers will continue to act like good little sheep and continue to buy the PS5 Digital en masse, expect more record hardware profits from Sony Interactive Entertainment over the next six plus months.