From cancerous “Latinx” inclusive Spanish dubbing to getting the nationality of your main character wrong, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 barely qualifies as a video game as it more or less serves as an embodiment of Liberalism capitalizing upon ESG hedge funds.

What the absolute fuck is “ESG” I hear you ask? A balloon of hedge funds perpetrating woke liberal policies and agendas to other companies via the means of ESG “score” and financial incentives.

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Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man 2 released on Sony PlayStation consoles much to the soy filled excitement of “Sony Sisters”, however there are one or two (hundred) issues.

First and foremost is the bastardization of the Spanish language in the game itself, like most languages spoken on this very Earth the Spanish language is a gendered language which indicates that specific words are pronounced differently based on the gender of the individual or even object being referred to.

The term “Latinx” is a recently coined word intended to be more inclusive towards Hispanics. However, it’s worth noting that for many Latinos, uttering the word “Latinx” is considered highly offensive, potentially even more so than racial slurs.

Essentially, liberals have invented a new terminology dubbed “Latinx” to be more culturally inclusive when describing anyone of Latin / Spanish descent whether they be Male, Female, Mexican or Cuban, obviously in a bid of being offended on their behalf, their pledge of “anti-racism” is in actuality entirely discriminatory and racist towards those of Latin origin.

Speaking of Cuba would be Insomniac Games’ second blunder with Spider-Man 2, they’ve spent all this money, time and effort into pushing forth offensive racist anti-Spanish inclusive dialogue inside their game but the developers themselves failed on all fronts from actually understanding the differences between Latin American countries.

The character of Miles Morales, is a multiracial character, he is both Black and of Puerto Rican descent, so how fitting would it be if Insomniac Games were so disinterested in actually caring about inclusivity by getting the nationality of their main character wrong?

That’s right. Insomniac Games have mistaken the Puerto Rican flag for the Cuban flag inside of their game, failing across all counts for even bothering to search what the Puerto Rican flag looks like on Google, both flags do bare almost identical designs, however the correct flag should have a blue triangle paired with red stripes and not the other way around.

But that’s fine, Insomniac Games are just being respectful to their Latinx audience, I mean Cubans and Puerto Ricans are basically the same, they’re both Latinx of course.

So how about the rest of the Spider-Man 2 game? Well, as you’ve probably summarized from woke “inclusive” Spanish language there’s quite a lot of political agenda pandering going on inside this game.

Plethora of side-missions inside the game simply detract away from playing as Spider-Man in your Spider-Man video game, because only a racist would object to playing as a deaf person of color as they commit petty vandalism by spraying graffiti on a wall.

Spider-Man condones vandalism so long as it’s to spread racial awareness.

There’s even a side mission in the game that depicts LGBTQ+ ally, Miles Morales himself helping a young gay high school couple reunite.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hardly qualifies as a game, it’s more or less an personification of ESG score farming, for no apparent reason they’ve turned Black Cat into a Lesbian simply for the sake of pandering to that qualification as well.

The whole point of Black Cat as a character was mainly for Peter Parker to face a moral dilemma, upholding his responsibilities or go after exotic silver tail and live out the hakuna matata lifestyle, but now she swings both ways apparently.

Insomniac Games were more or less focused on crossing off every single checkbox they possibly can under the guise of inclusivity for all genders and sexualities, Black Cat retained her femininity simply because she is now suddenly a lesbian.

While they purposefully butchered the depiction of Peter Parker’s main love interest, Mary Jane by making her look hideous and masculine, someone who was supposed to be around the same age as Peter Parker himself has been radically turned into Aunt May.

Aside from the abundance of enforced homosexuality, the game itself is littered with bugs and glitches that mainstream media outlets are paid to ignore.

Floating heads is only the beginning, countless individuals are calling out the amount of bugged character animations and ragdoll physics that they’ve encountered during their playthroughs.

Broken cutscenes, character models, ragdoll physics spazzing out and world clipping issues are the norm, all modern games released this year have been buggy and broken experiences and Spider-Man 2 is certainly no exception much to the annoyance of console system fanboys on social media.

People paid $70 for this ESG riddled trainwreck.