NetEase recently unveiled a new free-to-play open world RPG called Project Mugen for mobile, PC, and Sony PlayStation consoles, the game’s setting and aesthetic have perked my interest since its initial reveal trailer.

In a new video released during the Tokyo Game Show, the Game Designer and Technical Director for Project Mugen provides an introduction to world exploration, the city, and other exciting features within the game.

Project Mugen, is a new RPG developed by Naked Rain, new studio under NetEase’s subsidiary, Thunderfire. The game is centered around an immersive open-world city. As players embark on their journey, they will assume the role of investigators, granting them the freedom to traverse the world, delve into intriguing mysteries, forge new friendships, and embark on thrilling adventures.

The development team showcases the unique qualities of Project Mugen. With a strong emphasis on delivering a captivating and immersive city setting with a sense of freedom, the team has incorporated city generation technology to swiftly construct a template for the entire urban environment.

Additionally, a custom-developed urban ecosystem has been implemented to bring forth a comprehensive and immersive cityscape, ensuring a complete and vibrant urban landscape for players to explore.

The designers emphasized that objects found on the streets of the city should serve more than just decorative purposes. They should also be potential targets for vandalism or tools to be utilized, introducing exciting opportunities for interaction and combat.

Traversing a large yet dense world might be challenging, which is why Project Mugen offers various ways of traversing the overworld from swinging off massive skyscrapers, wall running and swimming, alongside traversing the overworld on the ground level by riding and driving various vehicles, all of these options of movement are integrated into a singular smooth system.

Project Mugen seamlessly integrates indoor scenes into the expansive external world, allowing players to effortlessly explore shops and stores as they venture through the game.

Although no release date has been announced yet, pre-registrations are still open for Project Mugen, the game of course is entirely free-to-play when it does launch, but of course like everything else of the same nature if something is free you are in fact the product. Though it might be best to hold back on Project Mugen if it’s up your alley until the game officially goes live for all and we have a more established foundation on how predatory its “gacha” system is or rather how much of a grind fest the game is.

Sure as shit looks better than Genshin Impact and hopefully is nowhere near as grindy with a lifeless end game.