Fuck yeah, real time censorship baby!

Leaked documentation pertaining from the Microsoft vs FTC court case has showcased plans for a revised new look refresh for the XBOX Series X and S consoles and what hardware the next generation XBOX console system could feature.

There is so much to cover, first and foremost is a proposed refresh design of the XBOX Series X console that’s intended to being entirely all digital, no more worthless blu-ray drive on this cylindrical turd.

Allegedly features a beautiful and innovative new design, despite the fact that it’s more or less a cylinder rather than a gigantic rectangle it’s hardly elegant or sophisticated, more rather it looks like a gigantic Amazon Echo.

Alexa, turn on the XBOX.

Slated for an October 2024 launch, “Brooklin” as per its codename will more than likely take the existing AMD Zen 2/ RDNA2 based Scarlett SoC and simply shrink it on a more mature, more efficient and dense TSMC 6nm process hence the reduced power consumption by around 15%.

It boasts improved on-board Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 capabilities, ensuring enhanced connectivity, with its enlarged 2TB storage which is entirely necessary given the heinous nature of modern gaming with day one patches and ginormous uncompressed install sizes, once again this console is entirely all digital, no disc drives or anything, every single game you play on this machine is entirely digital.

A wise man once told me that I would own nothing but at least I’d be happy.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S is receiving a refresh with the codename “Ellewood,” while maintaining the existing design of the console. Microsoft is introducing various improvements, such as an upgraded controller, 1TB of internal storage, which is fuck all along with support for new connectivity options like Wi-Fi 6E and BT 5.2. These enhancements aim to provide users with an enhanced gaming experience and expanded connectivity capabilities.

Regarding Brooklin, Microsoft is prioritizing specific enhancements. They have reduced the PSU power by 15% and introduced a new low-power stage, resulting in the console consuming only 20% of the power used by the current Xbox Series S in standby mode.

Microsoft’s goal is to keep the price of these consoles the same as the Xbox Series X ($499) as Ellewood is expected to launch at the same price point as the current Xbox Series S, which is $299.

The upcoming consoles will come with a new controller known as “Sebile“.

This controller will feature support for both rechargeable and removable batteries, offering users flexibility in their power options. Additionally, the Sebile controller aims to enhance the gaming experience with a Sony PS5 DualSense-esk accelerometer, increasing immersion and providing players with an even more engaging gameplay experience.

Though more than likely the thumbsticks will continue to drift, as Nintendo have paved the way with shit quality control consumers at this point as so laughably disillusioned they’ve more or less gotten used to the fact that all modern controllers essentially “drift” now. It’s by design and it’s a feature.

Microsoft is boasting an all digital ecosystem for these revised consoles, hilariously under the notion of technology innovation and leadership which only paints a darkened tone for their next generation platform as Microsoft joins Sony in producing an all digital console where your game ownership will be tied directly to your digital account rather than mundane physical media.

That’s basically been the goal for numerous years at this point, the XBOX One initially wanted to lock down your physical games with DRM, effectively locking out the possibility of you purchasing games on the second hand market or sharing them with friends and families on different XBOX ONE systems.

An always online system is something that Microsoft have been dreaming of, especially with their Game Pass subscription being so lucrative and popular consumers can now embrace the digital age head on by purchasing their brand new XBOX system without actually owning a single goddamn game for the platform, rather they and their account is more or less purchasing a digital license that can and will be revoked if your account was to be banned for breaching the new terms of service.

Terms of Service that priorities hate speech and insults over actual in-game cheating offenses.

These revised consoles are just the beginning, Microsoft have big plans prepared for the next generation or rather stop-gap XBOX, however for whatever barbaric reason Microsoft seemingly is indecisive between continuing their partnership with AMD with x86 based Zen architecture for the system’s CPU, more rather Microsoft are contemplating switching to an ARM based processor in what would be an unprecedented move of absolute bullfuckery.

Because that’s exactly what modern gaming needs, forcing developers into porting their decaying unoptimized slops of shit game engines over to a woeful ARM processor, you can argue the point regarding Apple’s top of the line ARM64 garbage A17 processor that seemingly retains the same actual IPC performance as the A14 all you want, ARM is going nowhere fast as RISC-V is being adopted in droves.

x86 also continues to make strides in performance scaling while ARM64 has stagnated.

Which thankfully is the alternative thought from Microsoft, retaining compatibility (and performance) by utilizing an AMD Zen 6 based CPU with a combination between performance cores and cache-less cores.

It is highly likely that the upcoming Xbox will feature a Custom SoC that licenses an AMD RDNA 5 graphics solution. This promises advanced features like dynamic global illumination and significantly enhanced ray tracing performance. Another option for the graphics component would be a fully customized co-design solution between AMD and Microsoft, specifically tailored for the Xbox.

This option would be the most favorable choice from Microsoft’s standpoint but by far the worst outcome for potential PC ports, and of course an ARM based machine will just be fucked from top to bottom, questionable backwards compatibility and a massive headache for game developers would ensue.

As part of Microsoft’s console plans, they are looking to integrate an NPU (Neural Processing Unit). This NPU will serve as a programmable machine learning processor, offering developers the flexibility to utilize it for various applications.

What sort of applications you may ask?

Cancerous ones, that’s what.

Microsoft are promoting things such as native frame interpolation and enhanced upscaling capabilities with the new AI centric NPU, Microsoft is actively working towards integrating AI into various aspects of gaming.

This includes utilizing AI for game testing, physics simulations, and even generating dialogue. By incorporating AI in these areas, Microsoft aims to enhance the gaming experience and bring about more realistic and immersive gameplay.

Player Services include an already developed “Safety and Toxicity” set of tools, and Live Ops mentions “Monetization Improvements”.

So your lovely new all digital console tied directly to a live service subscription account will feature AI centric focus on keeping players safe through progressive unity and prosperity, there’s no place for bullies on XBOX, especially considering how Phil Spencer, head of XBOX wants a unified cross platform banning system so problematic users would be banned across multiple platforms.


XBOX policies target hate speech, slurs and insults as being top priority, soon enough you won’t even be able to purchase physical media for your XBOX, all of your games will be tied directly to your user account, downloaded and accessed digitally, step one toe out of line and offend someone? You’re getting banned buddy, and Phil Spencer would like to see you get banned across other platforms for being banned on XBOX.

You genuinely own nothing, your console is nothing but a defective dud with online only accessibility, you’re forced to cough up the cash just to connect to your own internet on the system. The future of XBOX has never been more heinous, inclusive and anti-consumer.

Microsoft wants to destroy online gaming with an always online DRM riddled digital system with imposed AI nannies monitoring your voice chat in-game and swiftly dealing out harsh reprimands for insulting others or hurling certain slurs, locking you out of your account and therefore your entire game collection, a permanent ban may as well be an entire loss of your Microsoft account because without online connectivity your XBOX is akin to that of a paperweight.

I’m going to come out and say it, if you buy the next generation XBOX console when it’s set to release in 2028/2029 you are nothing more than human cattle and should be eliminated from the gene pool post haste.