Unity’s CEO, John Riccitiello wants sick children to die.

We’ve gone over this twice already, Unity announced a heinous corporate scheme dubbed a “runtime fee” subverting their own EULA by retroactively changing how game developers do business with Unity by forcing them to pay Unity Technologies per individual game installation after exceeding a set threshold.

You can gain a further explanation on the runtime fee specifically and continued elaboration on how Unity as a game engine has irreversibly tarnished its reputation moving forward.

Unity have previously stated that games developed on the basis of charity or rather sold for charity or on charity driven platforms will not count towards the runtime fee, but once again it’s another case of developers trusting Unity in deciphering what is a charity driven install and what isn’t.

Something unexpected however is what Unity now defines as charities, as Lizard Factory, developers of Orgynizer expressed discomfort regarding that Unity representatives have dismissed organizations such as Planned Parenthood and for whatever reason, Children’s Hospital as not being “valid charities” but rather they are “political groups”.

Lizard Factory in a blog post made on Steam issued the following statement.

Given the nature of Unity’s runtime fee, applying to Unity Plus and Personal licenses with $200,000 in revenue per year and only 200,000 game installations from life to date.

Lizard Factory are one of hundreds of small indie firms that are absolutely fucking livid about Unity’s garbage antics, however this specific blog post goes to mention that if Unity were to impose their runtime fee that Lizard Factory would be liable for 30% of the profits they have already donated to charity.

“We are based in the EU, and our legal aid have assured us that this is a very unlawful decision, especially due to its retroactive elements,”

Unity may have stated that charity games are wavered but given how they arbitrarily get to decide how many copies of a game have been installed using proprietary algorithms designed by their malware partners at IronSource, it’s only natural that they get to arbitrarily whether or not something is a “charity” or a “political group”.

Orgynizer is a safe for work sex positive puzzle game, the game’s developers have made it known that all proceeds generated from this game will be directly donated to Planned Parenthood.

However, players also have the option to select alternative donation targets from the settings menu.

One of the available alternatives is the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, which is renowned for its expansive pediatric care and commitment to providing safe, effective, and progressive healthcare services for women and children, as stated on the hospital’s official website.

“It was stated that charity games would be spared, so we asked Unity to get confirmation that we would not be affected, but they believe our targets (Planned Parenthood and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital) would NOT count as ‘valid charities’ and more ‘political groups.’ I speak on behalf of all of us when I say: GET F*CKED!”

Planned Parenthood being dubbed a political group I can understand, by no means is it a considerable charity especially considering how depraved and deranged majority of individuals who seek termination actually are, there’s an abundance of women in the western world that get off on the fact that they’ve had multiple abortions.

However why on earth would Unity decide to take an affirmative stance against Planned Parenthood, considering the whole debacle with Roe vs. Wade, being against abortion as a “charity” would only enrage the woke leftist mob of front fringes and wine aunts, the whole debacle sent the game development world into a fury because of course abortions have everything to do with video games.

Just as the Washington Post.


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Because if something large and political is going down silence obviously means that specific company is against “human rights” or whatever current agenda is the current thought process for deranged mentalists.

Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Respawn Entertainment, Bethesda and even Bungie all chimed in and proudly supported child mutilation because it was the necessary thing to do, for ESG tokens of course. It literally makes zero sense for a company such as Unity to add fuel to the fire by standing against Planned Parenthood as being a legitimate “charity”, considering the fact that majority of indie developers whom use the engine themselves are proud and vocal supporters of abortion.

it’s not like Unity is some bastion of conservativism, they seem entirely focused on producing the maximum amount of outrage as possible at the moment.

“We did this to raise money for a good cause, not to line the coffers of greedy scumbags,”

“This is a mafia-style shakedown, nothing more, nothing less. You wanna f*ck us, but we are not bending over.”

What the fuck does Unity have against the Children’s Hospital? If there were a sort of credible charity this right here would be it, providing specialized and emergency medical treatment to sick and injured children, children with life-threatening diseases.

There is no political motive behind giving medical care and treatment to kids, the only sort of political motive there is belongs entirely to Unity enforcing a gutless policy upon its entire userbase exactly as Lizard Factory describe it, a mafia style shakedown.

It honestly means nothing how much arse kissing or apologizing Unity does anymore, the damage is already done, they could impose a percentage fee instead of install based and it wouldn’t change a fucking thing, everyone who was intending on using the Unity engine for their project will move away, others will weigh in on being able to port over to another engine, from this point onwards Unity’s viability is dead.

Is this ventured capitalism at work I wonder, John Riccitiello quite literally drove Electronic Arts into the ground under his reign, is his entire goal for Unity to burn the brands reliability so he can divide and sell the company on the cheap?

It would explain why Unity’s board of directors as well as the CEO himself sold Unity shares right before announcing this whole runtime bullshit.