If we don’t introduce innovative ideas, games themselves will become monotonous and boring. Additionally, “grand and elaborate” types of software are complex in content, requiring time, labor, and expenses to produce. Even if billions of yen are invested and a hit game sells a million copies, it might still be at a loss. In that case, it’s not sustainable as a business. Even a “light, simple, and compact” game can be well-crafted and enjoyable.

This is why mainstream media wants you to stop recognizing the patterns between DEI consultancy groups and the ruination of video games. When consumers stop spending money and accepting this type of behavior, it will eventually backfire on these companies, and the problem will disappear more quickly.

I’ve saved a significant amount of money and mental suffering by not funding these parasites, as the gaming industry has been taken over by Marxists who oppose fun, femininity, and functionality.

They don’t want to create products that cater to the largest gaming demographic, so why should you pay for a product made by people who despise you just because you’re “cis White scum?”

As more people become aware of DE&I / ESG and “the message,” companies like Warner Bros. will face significant self-inflicted failures in their gaming department, given the lengthy development time for games. In a few years, the company will likely witness the majority of their “woke” video games failing one after another, just as Suicide Squad had done this year.