I’m totally sure that Nexusmods and the like will remove this mod on the grounds of racism.

In case you’re not well acquainted with the story already, I’m not particularly the biggest fan of Baldur’s Gate 3, the massive RPG game is a mockery of the franchise it so desperately tries to emulate, chockablock full of cringe dialogue and horrific character design and especially disgusting relationship options.

Aside from being able to have gay sex with demons, orcs or what have you, you can actually fuck a bear in this game.

And people wonder why I much prefer Japanese media instead of this western bullshit, but I digress, because previously we discussed how the “White Wyll” mod for Baldur’s Gate 3 was considered offensive, discriminatory and racist, because it’s only acceptable to hate White people in this current era.

The Alternative Wyll Origin Appearance mod as it was originally called essentially does what the name suggests, it replaces the immersion breaking character of Wyll who harnesses the power of medieval cornrows, however one specific individual seemingly did not like his character design and swiftly changed it to have an alternative hair style and a lighter skin tone.

Of course as you’d expect, people bitched about this.

Because these woke mod sites are only ever welcoming to game mods that suit their agenda and the agenda of their customer base, saving face and earning positive rep for abolishing anything that’s remotely considered to be problematic, game mods used to be a figure of expressing ones preferences which is why Nexusmods specifically houses plethora of game mods, for Baldur’s Gate 3 catering to the chubby chasers out there, or those who prefer to look at massive cocks instead.

But don’t you dare alter the skin tones of a fictional character of color, unless it makes them more darker because as previously mentioned it’s morally acceptable to turn White characters in games Black but obviously not the other way around.

Thankfully while the Alternative Wyll Appearance mod has been rightfully banned for being racist, a courageous individual has decided to fight back against racist gamers by making their own mod for Baldur’s Gate 3.

According to Carter, the mod creator’s ability to introduce black versions of the Baldur’s Gate 3 companions felt truly special. He describes it as a “powerful affirmation” to his younger self, who once felt alienated from such imaginative realms.

And as you’ve guessed from the title of this post, obviously, the mod in question makes every single companion partner Black.

You can view the entirety of the screenshots provided here https://imgur.com/a/0TDu3fP

So far the mod in question hasn’t been uploaded to actual mod platforms but give it a couple days to a week and it’ll be plastered all over Nexusmods, Gamebanana and other hosting services and more than likely will be promoted on the front page for being so bold and brash.

The mod’s creator, Carter explains the reasoning behind the need for this mod, not only is it to feel proper representation inside Baldur’s Gate 3 but also due to the White Wyll mod situation that left a sour taste in the mouths of many believing that Blacks and other people of other ethnic backgrounds were not welcomed inside Baldur’s Gate 3 by the community at large.

Carter shares that throughout his childhood, he consistently felt a sense of detachment from the captivating world of Dungeons & Dragons. This feeling stemmed from the game’s lack of diverse representation, because a game entirely contrived of mythical beasts, creatures and races, there simply isn’t enough diversity.

Twitter user Nash076 posted an email received by the Nexusmod staff team that simply describes that Nexusmods does not wish to host or be affiliated with game modifications that in any shape or form remove diversity from a video game.

Because Nexusmods is a privately owned website so they are allowed to decide what content is and isn’t allowed on their platform, if you don’t like it maybe you should consider making your own website.

Bigots aren’t allowed in the gaming sphere anymore, with consoles clamping down on racial prejudice and insults more so than actual cheating offenses, an always online console ecosystem that will use the power of AI to monitor in-game voice chat, mod hosting services seemingly will not stand to host problematic and controversial themes and topics such as removal of pronouns and race, unless the race removed happens to be White.

My stance on the matter is perfectly clear, either it’s all okay or none of it is. Nothing pisses me off more than witnessing obvious favoritism towards a marginalized audience while the consumer masses get shafted, people cry that these things are “small and insignificant” but goddamn if you remove their pronouns they will screech and claw at you until you’re dead.

Allow everyone to express themselves freely with game modifications in the same way that is always used to be, or ban this shit entirely. No racial swaps, regardless of color. It should all be banned, or it should all be freely accessible to those who want to enhance their gaming experience, Whites are unceremoniously criminalized and we’re supposed to sit down and shut the fuck up?

Because it’s all in the name of inclusivity, fun for all, except for the fact that minority groups are in fact the vocal majority, it’s criminal to disagree with such individuals because game mods are no longer about freedom of expression, nobody’s forcing you to remove the pronouns, nobody’s forcing you to make Wyll White, but because the options are merely there on the table it’s considered problematic for many and thus they need to be removed.

But the option to turn everyone Black? That’ll always be here whether you like it or not, nobody’s forcing you to install it but if you don’t like it you’re getting banned bucko.

There’s certainly no agenda going on here.